Monday, June 28, 2004

I told you so

Anyone read the last article? Well I went to the mall yesterday , and went into a clothing store with the wife. We took the youngest child, and he was lagging behind. Sometimes he likes to walk by himself, and he's slow sometimes. Or maybe he gets interested in somthing else. Anyway I was hanging with him trying to keep him entertained yesterday. My wife walked into the store ahead of me. I was trying to let her look at clothes, keep the kid occupied so she could look at stuff. and I'm sure she didn't catch it but the brother working there was trying to approach her and then came up to me as I came in and was like "Oh yall together?" I didn't even bother pointing it out and didn't know if she caught it.Where do these kids get their balls nowdays anyway? Or is it stupidity? But I guess they play the "you're man is a jealous asshole , I'm just trying to flatter a beautiful lady (or "female" as they say around here) thing. Guys know this stalker mentality, but gotta sit down and hear things like "But he didn't do anything." I decided to leave and go buy a shirt . So me and the boy went and looked at shirts and looked at puppies.They were playful yesterday because I guess they were coming down off the drugs they always have them on. You can tell the pet store here has all the animals on some damn valiums or some shit. I just had to do somthing else. When I came back , the kid at the store had finally found a stupid NBC teen (see previous article for definition) who was lauging at everything he was saying. I kept my mouth shut the whole time. Because in today's world I realize there are so many people using guys like me as scapegoats for their behavior. I usually point this shit out to my wife but i think she may get tired of my shit if I keep it up. It's a guy thing really, pointing out the damn injustice done to men who "play by the rules." Women don't seem to care if a man is a lying womanising piece of shit. Most guys I know who are unfaithful are some of the most believed and trusted guys in the world. Do you know women are more likely to think of an honest guy as a liar or "trying to put somthing over on them "? It's true. Maybe an average guy who may have told a little white lie so he could help himself out of a situation hhe got into trying to do the "right thing" . If he ever got caught , then he may be branded a "deciever". Everyone bullshits once in a while. But a guy who is all bullshit seems to be more trusted . Or a "quiet" guy. Why do people assume that quiet guys are so "good"? I see this shit all the time. Quiet guys who have no personality. Like they are "mysterious." Most of these guys are avid cheaters. I know a lot of these types and they are probably the second most common unfaithful males I know. The first is black males. Sorry , I know I'm predictable on this one but it's the truth in my world a t least. I have been around thousands of black males over the years and can count on one hand ones who are faithful to a woman. Even (and especially) the brothers who are really into church. I had a black guy who used to work for me who was a big "youth director" at a church. Came down to the club one night with a girl who wasn't his wife, then tried to hook up with another girl why he was there. But don't say God damn in front of him , he'll get offended. My old cleaning guy was a schoolteacher, and he was fucking students. His wife came down one day. Now he had so many women, but to hear him introduce his wife you'd think he was worshipping her. I meet so many people , and he had had another chick before I though was his wife and I said "Oh haven't I met her before?" Found out after she left that was another girlfriend. The thing is these guys are never accused of lying about anything by their women. So next time you think a man is lying, think twice about what kind of guy he is. And don't think it's a "racial" thing with me . Maybe I just know all the bad ones.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

How does this drinking thing work?

Ever hear that stupid ass R. Kelly song "ignition?" where he says " Now normally I don't do this but..." that seems to be the new "smooth" thing the brothers are saying nowdays. Used to be business cards. Back in the club days, every thug had a business card. I'm a "manger" they would say. Or a "photgrapher". I remember a few years ago I was walking thorough the mall with my friend Chrissy Paris. Now she was a porn star at he time and I had booked her at the club. She was staying with me at the house for the week. When I passed the cheesy ass "glamour shots" place, this overweight black guy stops us and is like , "My man my man , what's up? Just wanted to ask you how you got a fine female like this with you." The guy worked there as a photographer. Now tell me this . Change the race card and tell this story. Black man , white girl walking in the mall. Big fat white photographer starts yelling at them about his "fine" woman. What would happen? I remember this old Sesame Street cartoon where this little girl was imagining "what would happen if I popped this balloon" and how it showed the total catastrophie that ensued. Why the hell do people continually listen to bullshit from agressive black males that they would never put up with out of anyone else? Is it guilt ? I guess maybe since my people didn't come to America until after the civil war, I'm not allowed to feel guilt over "slavery." I don't need some smiling , charming brother to come up to me , all while looking into my woman's eyes and flirting with her to let me know how "fine" my woman is. This shit happens on a regular basis around here. I have created names for these type of brothers. The always got a scam, always trying to get in the club for free on their "black charm ". We had a guy getting in for free just becuase he talked black shit to the staff. Let me lay it out for you : This is what is called the "M" factor. The "M" factor is the mentality that every good time , every point of entertainment must feature a dominant black alpha male makeing his "grand entrance". Ever notice how people say "Oh black comedians are much funnier than most comedians." Well listen to how much they are degrading other races in most of their acts. I'm not even going to give examples here. Simly becuase I want you folks to do an experiment. Watch a black comedy special, listen to how many "white people do this" references that are made, flip the script from white to black and then lay back and imagine the riots and burning buildings. I have no love of the "Klan" or the "skinheads" etc. but damn at least they only burn crosses most of the time, not city blocks. Ever see Billy Dee Williams trying to be all smooth on the Colt 45 malt liquor commercials? Remember how he was Lando Calrissian , all wearing the cape and shit on "Return of the Jedi?" We call all these brothers trying to talk that shit "Lando Calrissian " brothers. Shawn and I actually made a fake label for a new wine called "Calrissian" . We would make a commercial featuring an unemployed black married man walking out on his wife and kids and hanging with a group of white chicks drinking "Calrissian" .Yo dog give me that bottle of "Cal" . I mean they already have "Mo , Cris,Yak etc. Now we got "Cal" . Well let me wrap this article up by saying guess what happened to the fat black guy? He ended up a photgrapher years later for an adult magazeine Shawn and I were involved with. He would always talk about the "studio" the "V.I.P." , "after party" and all the other "M" factor buzzwords. And actually was getting laid! With young , stupid NBC's (Naive Brainwashed Caucasians) . I think he even got two or three pregnant, which give him added status of talking about how " I got mix babies by this white ho." This is reality folks, shit I hear from my "African American" customers and employees every day for years. I don't make this shit up, just report it. So I guess I'm a racist for repeating converstaions. I should let it be because that would make the world a better place. Let's just let everyone objectify and blame white males for all the evil in the world and it will be alright. Anyway I actually drank last night and feel like shit. I hardly ever drink but now I feel like saying , "Now normally I don't do this but..."

Friday, June 25, 2004

Does it wash off? You're now watching the GFIC broadcast... Posted by Hello

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the ... uh whatever...this oic is for my friend Shawn who digs black chicks. Posted by Hello

And what Entertainment USA employee could ever forget the bleak time during the lawsuit when all of our clubs had no name? We had to fucking call Tiffany's "Entertainment USA" becuase that was our parent company. Check out the skeleton key. There was a drawing of an E. USA key once and I recreated the logo using a real key . The drawing was so lame. Looked like clip art. But I made the key match exactly. Same font, same number of little metal balls etc. Damn that shit was so corny back then. Still is today... Posted by Hello

The old backside of the menus I designed when the Christie's Cabaret chain was still "Tiffany's Cabaret". Joey Mall and Bobby Sixx , where are you guys now? And a big "shout out " as the ghetto idiots say , to Dewayne Levesque , wherever you are today... Posted by Hello

Why have I not posted shit ...

Well I have all these damn spywares and shit i keep getting rid of . I haven't had a very good week and I have 3 articles I'm working on at the moment. Bear with me, meanwhile I have more pictures up from the "old days". I have to write the "piercing and your vagina" as a public sevice. And today I spoke to one of my old associate's fathers on the phone. He told me how his son just got denied parole again. His other son is in prison too. Sad shit to see but lots of people end up in prison while many should be there. These two brothers used to jump in front of bullets for me so it's hard to say a lot of negative shit . Just wished they'd made some better decisions... On another note, my article on my relationships and feelings about women is still being ironed out. Tired of getting accused of "hating women." I'm so misunderstood...You know what I'm talking about Mrs. Pink Bee... Hey how come I got all these E mails from readers I know personally but no comments? Don't worry if you disagree with me I won't make you look any dumber than you make yourself look by not agreeing with me. Anyway I love all you people who read this crap . I don't mind the E mails either , keep writing , I'll write back when I can. Take care and for those of you who were there , close your eyes and remember how the Adult Entertainment Business used to be...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I'm Holding Out For a Hero

Hey remember when Bill Clinton was president a "brave" person was a gay person that came out of the closet? Like the most noble , brave thing was to be gay and tell all. Then Bush was president, September 11th came and all the sudden a brave person was someone cleaning up after the terrorists or saving people from death inside the rubble. Where were all the brave gay people? Damn I was expecting Elton John to drop a piano on Osama's head. Well who's right on that issue folks?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Old GFIC stuff from 2001 Posted by Hello

One of our "homepage" ads for Menages Club Posted by Hello

Bryany, Stacy , me and Lexxus back in 1997 Posted by Hello

The t.W.o. circa 1996 Posted by Hello

One of the GFIC logo's from the "old days"  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Why I am not a Liberal

Even though I work in the sex business, I am not a Liberal. Why am I not a Liberal? I live in the real world. If you're wealthy and disconnected you never have to experience the "anything goes" aftermath us "little folks" have to live in. I think sex has it's place. Now with Brittany Spears on television every day and sex so mainstream, the people who made a living off charging you to see it are losing their ass. Sex is a basic human desire. No one understands moderation. Women's right, gay rights, the damn imaginary "struggle" the black man is always whining about. I'll tell you about the damn struggle, ghetto . Live in a country where life is so meaningless you have kids strapping bombs on and blowing folks up. The poorest folks here are better off than most of the America hating masses out there. Problem is these people here hate America too.Here's another struggle. Live across the street from a drug dealer who just moved in. When you moved in first, you had a nice clean community . But a few years pass and the whole area changes. Everyone tells you to move but it's not that simple to just sell your home and leave. There are issues of equity , etc. that would leave you unable to even purchase a new home . So to add to the "struggle" , your wife at the time used to have a drug problem years ago, and she's pregnant. She decides to be friendly to the drug peddling neighbors and ends up relapsing.She ignores your begging not to associate and due to too much MTV , she attributes your distrust of the drug peddlers as "racism". You end up divorced later on after your son is born addicted to heroin and your wife owes the dealer a lot of money. After the dealer tries to run over your son as he's playing on the dead end with the other kids, you realize you live in a hellhole. Because of the divorce, money stolen , etc. you end up realizing the only mother your son ever had is his grandma. So he ends up living at his grandparents house who have money and a lot of land. You come home alone to a house your ex wife smeared with dog feces and cleaned all the furniture out with her ghetto "saviors". Try to rebuild your life. After the divorce it's even harder to buy a new home becuase you're now a divorced single male. Now this is the real "struggle". Not some guy who decided he can't have the "lifestyle" he wants because work is too hard for him. SO he sells drugs and justifies his life. I hate these rappers and ghetto folk always talking about "my struggle" why preaching hate and justification for a lifestyle that destroys humanity. Hey wasn't there another guy who talked about his struggle ? remember "Mein Kampf?" ("My Struggle" by Adolf Hitler) remember what old Adolph said "tell a lie long enough and loud enough and people will beleive it. The new Jew for the 21st century is the white male folks...speak out against the drug culture and you're branded racists. Just somthing to think about when you vote for someone who wants to buy groceries for the cast of characters in my "hood".

What I'm thinking...

OK today I'm hoping everyone in my neighborhood either gets that "record deal" or sells enough drugs to move to a better neighborhood so I get my "hood" back. Maybe the mexicans will get a raise too, and I'll be all alone here. I remember when I was the first house here. Built right under the railroad bridge, right by the shopping centers and malls but just enough out of the way. I have 3 escape routes from traffic here. But then the "drug lords" moved in. there are like 6 houses down this street. But between the drug traffic and the mexicans, there are probably 75 people here at any given time. Of course if one family of Mexicans moved away, there would be 25 less. I just love how all the wealthy folks have so much time on their hands to think of ways to help these people. Mainly becuase they don't have to deal with their constant partying, loud spanish music, drug deal drama, etc. I was at the market just last week thinking I recognised my neighbor who drives the new benz and SUV . They were bitching about how the U -scan wasn't taking their food stamp card. Nothing like watching a black neighbor lady with 5000 worth of jewelry on unload 500 bucks worth of groceries out of her new mercedes. Maybe she is too good for this neighborhood. I mean all these Italians and Asian people are bringing down the place.NOT RACIST JUST REALIST... My new saying is this : IF YOU THINK MINORITIES HAVE IT SO BAD MOVE NEXT DOOR AND HELP THEM ... you know, like Sally Struthers on All in the Family did with the starving kids. I think she was putting the starving kids out of their misery by eating them. Picture Sally struthers swallowing a starving child like a big ass snake swallows a small animal. See why she's put on a few pounds? Oh well , maybe it's just because that rice is full of carbs...Do they have Atkins in Africa? See how we have it made here in the USA you lazy morons!!! Gotta stress over what to eat not how to actually find food to eat. My wife's mother comes from a country with famine . She is from Cambodia and Laos. Ask her about how much she loved fucking Burger King when she arrived here.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Pierced Idiots

Well maybe I should piss off the little "alternative" crowd for a minute. What the fuck is alternative? Alternative to what ? Half these fucking idiots are in an alternative reality of thinking they are so fucking "different". Example: how come I can walk into a room with the same pale , vampire bat looking kids and walk into another room full of them and get at least 4 of them mixed up as to who's who? These fucking kids all whine about life , while going to college or living off their parents . How many of them have lived life? What about all these "pro gay rights" "pro drug" pro fucking everything but never had kids or done a damn thing other than watch fucking lord of the rings or get off on some imagined "dark side" of life? These kids all live in a fucking fantasy world. I'll show you a dark side. Ride through the projects . Pretend to be the fucking sandman comic book character and see how many crack dealers decide not to kick your ass. Yes folks I don't speak on shit I am not exposed to. I know the culture , actually enjoy some of the same shit. Used to real Neil Gaiman shit , like vampire movies all that shit. But what makes me sick is all these kids talking about how "different" or "misunderstood" they are. Fucking grow up past the 15 year old hormone shit you little bastards. You're all the same. You all have the same damn opinions etc. I worked with fucking white supremists , attended christian school, went to school with klan members and hung out with self proclamed devil worshipers. I knew prostitutes , preachers , priests, drug dealers . I try to listen to everyone's background . I am the only "white" person in my home . I agree with some shit from a lot of philosophies but I don't have to agree with a general "opinion" of life. I remember hanging out with a group of "beautiful people" a few years ago. Noticed how they were all doing coke, taking turns talking about shit and laughing , pretending they gave a damn about what the other person was saying. It was all a fucking "script of life". Sadly so many women , men etc. get caught up in this way of thinking. Here I was , partying with these "rock stars " i can't really name, and some personal friends of mine in the adult business. I wanted to leave. I remember feeling like if these people fell off the face of the earth we weren't missing anything but cockroaches. I guess it was because I wasn't doing coke. I'm going to lay it all down right here . These so called "fake " people the "alternative" crowd supposedly is against are really the same fucking people. You want to really be different? Do these damn stupid ass kids think clothes and piercings and tatoos etc. really make them "special" ? How many moronic guys have the same bubble gum machine looking armband tatoos? Like someone sees this shit and goes "cool tribal dude" . Give me a fucking break. I've met 1000000's of people and they all fall into the same dam catagories. What makes people different is self expression. Not these ornaments they put on. And what about the gay people? OK I could give a fuck if someone is gay. But I want my kids to be straight. Why? because I think once you're gay , whether you like it or not you are destined to be looked at for your sexual preference the rest of your life. You have no identity in society. See I don't give a damn if I piss off anyone or not. Think about it . People see a gay guy and they always picture him sucking or being fucked. Sorry but that's what kind of shit you hear when they leave the room . Just like a girl with big tits. My wife has double jeapardy. She has big boobs and is Asian. In this town every damn time an Asian woman is brough up everyone starts quoting the damn "me so horny" shit from "Full Metal Jacket". Fucky suckyee oh me so horny. Me love you long time... Makes me want to puke.And she has big boobs so she's not a human anymore. And a masculine lesbian is always a dyke. There you are. once you reach a certain point you're an "it" not a person. Big tits, gay, oversized body etc. Then you only get listened to by people that want somthing from you or people that hate you trying to justify it. I think homosexuality is a sexual fetish or a perversion. But I don't care. I have had "unatural sex" with women. Anal , DP. multiper partners, etc. I did crazy shit in my past. BUT if I ever came out and said "hey I am biologically geared to fuck 4 women at once" I would be called a pervert. And no one would be called a "poligophobe" or some other name for hating me. But if I am a gay man I can say "hey I love it up the ass" and I'm supposed to be "special" and loved for my sexual preference. Now another reason why I find homosexuality unatural is this: If I am a man and I want a man , why are so many gay men "fem" and so many gay women "butch?". Damn if I was attracted to men I would want to fuck a man for christ's sake, not a man who acted like a bitch. SO I think the " I am attracted to the opposite sex" thing is flawed. Now there are a few couples like this ,but most play male/female roles. Every little girl who menstruated nowdays claims to be "bi" . What is this shit? "Trendy" gay shit. Fuck this . I really don't care if you fuck in the ass , whatever. As long as kids aren't involved , I don't care. Just don't ask me to say it's natural. My wife's boobs aren't natural and I think they're great. But if she has them hanging out in the grocery store someone's gonna get mad. So quit whining about how hard you have it and go home and fuck. Then get up tomorrow and say " damn , I'm a pervert , but I like the sex and it's my life." But don't try to tell the damn world to love you . And to you little kids playing "goth" or "vampires" or whatever: Grow the fuck up. Don't whine about how people don't "accept" you becuase you have some damn self induced metal hanging off your face. Either take the shit out or hang with immature people like yourself and feel happy inside because your "style" is really telling the world somthing . Yeah it tells the world "hey I went to a shop and had this stuff stuck in. " I could care less about any of these things, jsut sick of people thinking it makes them these different, persecuted and "enlightened" people. Please feel free to read a future article I am writing called " piercing and your vagina..." later folks...

Finally had time to write...

Guess what? I've been in Georgia the past couple of days. We had a hectic weekend at the club where I actually had to come out of retirement and work the door. I gotta thank James for being there to move traffic swiftly during a packed house. This guy still amazes me after all this time. Next time you see a 250 lb 5 ft 9 bodybuilder don't stereotype him as being a dumb ass. James is a world class guy and was number 1 last year in competition . Plus he's working at the hospital. Plus he will take anyone out I don't have time for . Anyway, back to the Georgia trip. We left after working nonstop Friday and Saturday night at the club. The drive to Atlanta sucks. And what sucks even more is the echo in my head of the damn words "We From the A.T.L." and "dirty south" etc. I wonder if there are any other people tired of the damn Atlanta rap shit that has been worn out the last 8 months? Well I went to the laser show at Stone Mountain. Kinda cool , but corny at the same time. Lots of silly laser drawn cartoons on the side of a mountain. Patriotic crap everywhere. Kind of scary. The best country to live in is the USA but my folks always told us that shit because they came here as kids. Then after September 11 , every white trash idiot who'd been singing "the south's gonna rise again" and "if the south would have won" decided to drop the damn rebel flag for an American one. Now remeber how Lynard Skynard and Charlie Daniels and all these other redneck fucks praised the rebel flag all these years? Then you have Lynard Skynard coming out with "Red White and Blue" this year. And remember how bad rednecks said New York City was ? Like if you got killed there you deserved it because it was the "big city"? These people talked shit about city life and fuck the American flag all these years while featuring rebel flags on their album covers . But when they can make a profit off "big ole New York city" and "old glory" then here come the corny ass songs. Now one thing I noticed on the laser show is how they removed the rebel flag in the civil war battle scene. There was just this blank fucking flag on the south side. This shit is stupid. "Oh let's erase a God damn historical flag on a picture because it might offend some people." Maybe they should put warning labels on aspirin because some black guy might be offended having to pull cotton out of the bottle. OK here's a question for today : What if Martin luther King had a big scandal where his reputation was ruined? Like someone found out he was a serial killer or child molester or somthing ? Would they take his name off all the streets or take his holiday off the calendar ? Just wondering. This shit is stupid . History is history . We are going so damn far to please everyone that a straight person who loves his country and goes to work and pays taxes has no real voice anymore. And if you happen to be a black person who does all these things you're downed as not being "real" . On one hand black people say they don't want to be labeled as materialistic or thugs or criminals , or dancers and entertainers for the masses. But when a black person tries to be anything else the black community calls then an "uncle tom" or a "sellout". Every black man I am involed with has to have a certain amount of "street credibility " to be accepted. Now maybe some of these "racism experts" should look into this . Maybe the enemy of the American flag and the black man all come from within...

G.F.I.C.- The REAL fair and balanced network... Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 19, 2004

OK this is an employee flipping me off after me telling her "hey maybe you shouldn't have tattoos of pot leaves on your body" right after she was bitching about cops searching her car for drugs. Well at least they didn't find anything. Maybe she was just likes the leaf's shape.  Posted by Hello

Grieco in the "pimp" days ... Posted by Hello

Finally. My wife and the AK - she wasn't totally happy with the picture but oh well... Posted by Hello

Wonder if he has enough suction?  Posted by Hello

OK here you go ...Scott trying to be a thug. See what DJing at hip hop clubs does to a guy?  Posted by Hello

OK I always know where Scott is , unfortunately...DJ Scotty Vain - GANG BANGIN' anyway this guy is still doing parties and shit so contact us...  Posted by Hello

Where the hell are you today John? Anyone know post back... Posted by Hello

Why Is It So ?

OK , ever notice how a woman can say anthing bad or negative or hateful about a man and there always must be a "reason" for it? But let a man say somthing negative or even express one little point about women and he's a "man who hates women?" Kinda like a black guy can say anthing they want about white people , but let a white guy make an obsevation and he's a racist. Even an innocent statement can be made into a racist one. Like I could say " You know there are a lot of black guys who are good at playing pro sports."I would be bombarded by "racist" accusations. But a black guy could be like " there aren't enough African Americans playing hockey. We need to do somthing about this! " but that isn't considered racist. Or tear up your neighborhood because some thug got unfairly beat down by dirty cops. I rember the statement "this had to happen to show America blah blah " during the LA riots. Bullshit. Do you really think all those fucking people rioting really were thinking about Rodney King? Come on. I live in a black/Latino community. If they hit your car in the parking lot they don't care.Let me tell you what happened to me last year: I went to the grocery store one day and my car was stolen and dropped off in the projects. Because the cop didn't feel like filing a report, he wrote down "no signs of forced entry" on the car. Come on dammit- the lock was twisted completely around and the steering column cracked open with wires hanging out. The car was found dumped in the projects. The cop caught the black guys that stole it, and they said I loaned them the damn car. The cop had the nerve to tell me " Well I guess you need to watch out who you hang out with ." Like I really fucking knew these guys! They made it out it was a "drug deal gone bad." I was in a fucking parking lot with a cart full of groceries dammit! Well the only good thing to come out of this is I got pissed because my Glock 23 was in the trunk (for once) and now it was gone too. My .40 caliber Glock that had been with me for years at the club. The good thing was I decided to buy a new model Glock and I bought a Glock 32 .357 SIG caliber. I liked this round a lot better and I heard it goes through car tires and windshields and shoots flatter trajectory. I tried it out and the damn thing has a little more recoil but shoots straighter than my .40. And I can buy a .40 barrel and shoot .40's out of it too! The state police were changing over to these as well as the border patrol. Also the secret service uses this round to protect the president. So from now on I will learn my lesson: Always carry the fucking gun with you ! The only 2 times I haven't had my gun on me this year is 1) at the courthouse(in the car though) and a few times at the pool (in the bottom of the cooler . I had brass knuckles in my shorts though) . I hate I gotta live this way but oh fuck it. Someone has to be ready to fight against the drug culture warriors . Any gun questions ask me here...

Thursday, June 17, 2004

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Stuff on my mind part 3

Hey well I guess I am going to write some more about death. But this is about a sadder subject. Young women who passed in the industry. A lot of people heard about how porn star Savanna had a car accident and had cut her face. Then she proceeded to the bathtub and shot herself in the head. But the worst thing about this was the way the adult industry reacted. Like when Screw magazeine made a subscription ad with Savanna's eyes x'ed out . The ad said somthing like "don't kill yourself , subscribe...etc. " then they also had a headline that said "Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead". This is the stupid shit the industry does to it's own. I remember how two of my ex wife's friends committed suicide. One girl was a pretty girl named Maria. She went into the house and shot herself as well. She had just had an argument with her boyfriend. My ex wife bragged about how "she had introduced Maria to heroin". She was reportedly using drugs when she died. She was a well know dancer for years. Then a few months later, another girl my ex wife used heroin with named Nikki actually hung herself. She was a tall pretty blonde girl who used to go out with one of my best friends and co owner of Menages club, Shawn. Both times all the hell you heard was shit from other dancers about how "stupid" these girls were, or how much "drug and partying " they had done with them. No one was really sad, except some of the guys who knew them. I knew so many cruel women in the industry, the reactions to deaths and the "so what, she was a stupid bitch" mentality is often more shocking than the death. I once remebered a girl in Boston, who was tricking with some latino gang members after work. Myself , an agent , security guy and another manager knew she was planning on this. We could tell money was going to change hands. This girl was not a girl who was a prostitute , she was a dancer. We used to fire girls suspected of turning tricks. But we actually liked this girl and were shocked she would do this. She was a beautiful girl who never did this kind of thing. But what happened that night is there was a large offer, the customer was attractive as well, so she thought "what the hell" . We begged her not to meet these guys, threatened to fire her, and she said "guys, you know I'm not like that. Well she did meet them ,at the local convenience store where we all got our gas. After work, we haed cops everwhere and as I pulled into the gas station I saw the scene. The girl , named April , was shot in the face by a 12 gauge shotgun as she sat in the gang member's car. A failed drive by from a rival gang. I got so damn sick that day, just thinkng of how a beautiful human face could be splattered into a bloody mess in an instant. The next story is also one that I really hated to see happen. I had a waitress that I had worked with over a 7 year period. She was only 4"3, a "little person" , midget, whatever the term is nowdays. She busted her ass waitressing and bartending. I knew her family. Her brothers. Met her dad. One of her brothers became my DJ, his girlfriend was one of my bartenders. She opened the club I was with at the time . She always stood up to me and anyone else she didn't agree with. One day I told her "girl , money is going to be the death of you." I felt so bad I ever said this. Because about one year after I had left that club, a crazy ghetto bitch I had fired for being trouble had been rehired by the new mangement. She had bought a car from the waitress , and owed her money. They had a fight in the parking lot, and the crazy dancer proceeded to run over the little waitress in the car. She also ran down her brother, and her husband. The waitress didn't survive. The others did, I heard the dancer didn't even get any time out of the deal. This woman was one of the best waitstaff I ever worked with. And her family all relied on her as a leader. She was always there for her brothers. She had kids, it was all so fucking bad. One of the most senseless deaths I have ever seen. One last note on this subject, I have seen a lot more deaths than this, but I don't think I can write about it much longer. I am a hardcore guy but when I see lives wasted for no good reason it brings me to an angry place in my heart I don't want to be. One last note. I remember this friend of an old girlfriend I couldn't stand. She was a hopless addict. She hooked up with this overweight guy who was just glad a pretty girl talked to him. He had drugs. He messed with pot, but becuase of her he got involved with cocaine. She robbed his stash, cheated on him , left him, manipulated him. He was a drug dealer (somthing I am not fond of) but he was really a fat kid just trying to be cool. He committed suicide one day. I'll never forget my ex girlfriend going to the funeral, but the girl he killed himself over just said "fuck that stupid motherfucker.Why should I go to his funeral? If he wants to kill himself that's his problem". This says it all folks. Live .Live right .

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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Part II : Stuff on my mind...

OK gonna write some more about deaths in my industry that have affected me. Before I get into that, let me make a statement. I never really sat down and thought of all the shit that happened all at once . I've told the stories over the years until they became like an old song. You know how a song really speaks to you and then after you've heard it 1000000 times (especially if you listed to a classic rock station) it means nothing. Then one day you hear it at that right time. The music hits you differently , and it starts to sink in. Well that's what has happened to me a lot over the years. I have had such a fast paced life, since I have slowed it down I got time to think about what really happened back then. Just like old relationship that never should have been. Your heart gets broken. You feel it will never be the same. I have seen this a lot, specially in the adult industry where a guy ends up in a relationship with a dancer, etc. It's like the girl is so special to so many men, but only you know who she really is , take her negaitive shit, her hate, her bad moods, and then BAM - it's all over . Then it feels like this different life and "straight" girls just don't seem the same. The sex is different , the rules of the relationship are different. I mean a guy gets himself in a mindset of "sharing" his woman with everyone. And the old " but I come home to you every night" mentality. (even though many times in these relationships the woman actually doesn't come home to you every night becuase she's bought into "dancer lifestyle" hype. )Well anyway this is my point: once you pass acertain point it starts to make sense. It takes a while. Sometimes it makes sense in one year and means something different 5 years later.Maybe a year later you come to the conclusion the person who you were madly in love with "destroyed you life" and you made a mistake. Then five years later you actually realise this same person who told you they didn't love you the way you loved them was at least the only truly honest person you encountereed in a while. See how it works? Later on that person who was bad for you has somthing you ended up being glad you experienced.So on to the next story...
Over the years I have seen a lot of shootings, attempted shootings, guys beaten with bats, stabbed, etc. Here's a story I saw on the news here but my old roomate and DJ Scott saw first hand. He was working at an old afterhours spot that had been taken over by mostly the Mexican crowd. He comes home looking all sick and shit one day. These two Mexican guys got into a fight at the after hours club, and one guy went to the parking lot, walked up to the other guy , and shot him in the balls after shooting his friend in the car. Scott said the paramedics cut his pants off and his balls were hanging loose to the side from his body. I told that one first because it probably makes guys cringe the most when they hear it. It'a true, they didn't tell details about the shooting on the news (they said lower body ) but all the employees knew where he had been shot. Another sad story was a regular customer of mine named Steve. Well his real name was Chineese but he liked to be called Steve. He had a nephew who called himself "Rocky". Now I loved these guys, came from Hong Kong and opened some resturaunts here in the states. The first time I met Rocky, he says to me " Hello, I Rocky, I Chineese Rocky , not American Rocky", Like I was going to mistake this little Chineese guy for Sylvester Stallone as Rocky. He was so damn funny. I remeber he one told a racist ass customer who asked him about eating dogs all this shit. Rocky was saying "If dog stupid, we eat it. But dog good pet we let it live". Anyway he and Steve came in the club and spent shitloads of the resturaunt money. But then Steve hooked up with the wrong female and got into doing drugs. One day my mom was watching the news and was talking about an asian guy who was in a very nice hotel and had been using drugs. He had killed his girlfriend and then killed himself. Cocaine shit was everywhere. I didn't realise it was Steve becuase of the name, it was Chineese and I never called Steve by his Chineese name. I walked in , saw his picture and realised who it was. I remember Rocky came by one last time to say goodbye...
Another story is one that haunted me a long time. My old manger Billy, known as "Tonto" by the masses, lived with his father. I called him one day , and his father could hardly talk . Sounded like I had just woke him up or somthing. He was extremely overweight, and would fall asleep inthe chair. He had taken the drug Fen Fen or whatever that drug is called. The weight loss drug. Well he was so overweight it was unhealthy so he was trying the experimental drug. His dad was always very nice on the phone and I met him a couple of times. I called and he was wheesing and sounded like he rolled over in bed , saying "Billy's not home yet" and I kept saying "hello, hello, " becuase he put the phone down . I assumed he just rolled over and went back to sleep.I hung up the phone. About 3 minutes later , and I mean actually 3 minutes or less, Billy (Tonto) called back and said ," Hey Tony, uh I can't make it to work tonight. My dad just died. " I was like hell no - I just hung up the phone. I though his dad was calling me back or somthing . He was dying of a heart attack when I called. Billy just walked in and he told me the phone was off the hook by his dad's chair.
Another story I like to call " what would have happened if..." - My ex wife was working at a private dance club. I hated the place , it was nasty and the girls were ghetto as hell. But she was friends with the owner so she wanted to work there for a few extra bucks. Anyway the girls sat around on their ass a lot watching talk shows and shit. I met this girl who was pregnant working there. Always talking about "MY man , My man blah blah" she was dating this thug ass drug dealer pimp. Never caught the guy's name. OK I was working at my club one night and Chris (Tree) got into it with this black guy who slapped one of the girls on stage and called her a bitch. The guy took his two "ho's" he had with him outside , and mouthed off while he stood behind his open trunk , acting like he was going to pull out a gun and shoot. He threatened Chris, who was basically like "fuck you bitch". Chris was a big white guy who was well known all over the ghetto in town and ran everywhere the thugs ran. Yet he didn't try to act "black" to fit in. He just knew the streets. So he didn't give a fuck. Well I came out the fire door with Big Mike and came behind the guy with the Glock. He saw me and slipped the gun in the trunk, and walked around to the car. I could have shot him, but I didn't need the lawsuit or trial bullshit. He never acknowledged me. Just walked around to the door and got in yelling at Chris the whole time. He saw my gun in the corner of his eye so he left. So about a month later I was visiting one of my competitor's clubs , and as I was walking out I saw this guy in the lot, with another guy I can't stand (drug dealer) and he started talking. He was like "Hey ain't you that guy who pulled that 9 on me ? He nigga -I'm talking to you. Hey Tony Montanna !!! Hey white boy!!!" I kept walking . I finally stopped and calmly said " I didn't pull a 9, it was a 40 caliber man. I can show you right now if you want." he then proceded to drop a gun on the pavement he was hiding in his shirt. I was already stroking the trigger when I saw the guy, knowing I might have a problem. But after he dropped his gun by accident he turned around and went about his business , like "oh fuck it then" . Now about a month later I found out this same guy had ended up getting life in prison. Guess what for? Killing his pregnant white girlfriend . The girl my wife worked with. Damn funny thing though. I had been picking up my wife at the same place he was picking up his girl this whole time and never knew he was her man. Never put 2 and 2 together until my wife came home telling me the story about how that girl I met had been killed by "her Man".More to come , I 'll get this morbid shit off my chest soon enough.. stay tuned for part 3

Things on my mind & I don't know why

Thinking about death a lot lately. Then I remembered how many people I know died bad deaths. I know it's depressing but it's real life. Here are a few stories...
Back years ago in when me and Micheal Diogaurdi were coming out of the resturaunt on Cresent, I'll never forget two guys just walking towards us shooting at us. I remeber ducking under a parked car onthe sidewalk like it was yesterday. And how I had to contemplate on shooting my handgun I carried. I was on the ground, thinking how I was ruining my jacket , and at the same time thinking where my bulet was going to go. Wondering if I'd get sued or hurt a kid or damage a car. And also at the time I carried a 44 special that had huge bullets but only 5 shots. Couldn't get speedloaders for that gun, so I was also trying to reach in my jacket and get out the other 5 bullets I had. SO after I fired 1 back from under the car, the 3 inch barrel was so damn loud the guys broke for cover. These were some amateurs, and I remember being in the paper , security tape photo of me and Mike running for cover in broad daylight. And the police kind of acted like the whole thing was our fault for being there , and really didn't give a damn about us. I remeber paying a local street guy to take care of my gun and getting it back the next day. And Micheal was labeled in the paper as "Son of reputed organized crime figures visiting town", I was labeled as "Associate and family friend of Diguardi, etc. So even though these guys tried to kill us in public, endangering other people's lives as well, they only cared about who Mike and I were related to. We were just out to eat. Then six months later, when pretty boy Mike was alone in Minneopolis at a bar, he picked up a girl . Found on the side of the road, brains blown all over the car. They had gotten him. Now he was only 27 fucking years old and we had been kids together. But appearantly he had cut a "side" deal with a guy he met at his dad's business, and he had ripped the guy off. The paper never mentioned his dad , his history. Just a young guy last seen leaving with a pretty girl from a bar. Now I know how these things work. They killed Mike publicly to make an example of him, to let his family know what happened. And damn if he didn't really have to do any under the table stuff to make a living. His family practically gave him the club business and the clothing stores, and he'd never have to do anything illegal in his life if he didn't want to. But he wanted to be bigger I guess. Sad shit. I miss the guy even though he always used to get the women while I ended up driving the cars I could never afford. I remeber my mentor Enrico, who was a real consigliere , who passed from cancer. He told me how if you do have to do bad things in your life , try to at least have a moral code and only do what you have to do to make it work. Never flash or try to be bigger than you should. He was probably one of the most powerful men I ever knew , could probably have your head cut off for crossing him just by movement of a finger. But he died of cancer. Just like my friend Tom Cerone. Guy was like 5 ft 3 and always had a lot to say. He was called Tom "hit man" Cerone because he used to be a low level soldier back in the old days but he also played drums for years. Then he ended up with throat cancer.I remember right before he died he had the damn electronic box that made him sound like a robot. Then he was sick as hell and still gave a damn cancer benefit where he played his ass off on drums. He used to work the door at a competing showbar , and always sent me messages back to "break my balls" . My customers would say " Hey hit man just told me you ain't a real Italian , you're a Jew " etc. And whenever guys like Tom came in my clubs, they always still dropped 20's and 100's whenever they had it , even if they were not doing so well. They had the "respect" thing back then. I miss these guys. Another guy I miss is my old doorman Micheal L. who used to be a cop. Damn this guy was one of the coolest, take no shit , don't let shit get me down kind of guys I ever met. He was a tall guy , looked like a old biker in a way. Had the big mustache, gray hair since he was in his 30's. He was middle aged and retired now, and worked for me at my door. He would stand up to anyone who broke his principals. He wasn't the best looking guy, but he could get women anywhere he went becuase the guy had charm, and balls , and a lot of confidence. He was a first class guy. But the biggest thing about Mike L. I gotta tell is what he did as a cop. Now I know my share of dirty cops over the years. Anyone who worked adult business in the old days knows we used to have to grease these guys palms just to keep our clubs open. But Mike was a real fucking cop.He was clean. He believed in the principals of law and Justice and he tried to make a difference. He always got in trouble with the department, he was known in the department as a legendary rebel who challenged authority. So when he retired and came to work for us "bad people" he realized we actually had more ethics than some cops he knew. But what Mike did that showed what kind of guy he was is this story: He actually found like almost 1 million in drug money in a mini storage and fucking turned it in. Everyone in the community called him an idiot. He could have walked. I asked him why he never took the money , he had no witnesses and could have gotten away with it. He said simply "Tony the money wasn't mine. What was the point? I was fine before that money but I would have felt like shit the rest of my life if I took it. " Now this guy was the shit. Never mind he got degraded all over town for living by his ethics, but dammit when he died he left the legacy of a real fucking man. Now for a guy like me to admire a cop is some acheivement in itself. So Mike I miss you man. Another guy I miss is Joe Elder. Used to go by his club just to talk. He raised his kids up in the adult industry. And he never gave a damn what all the big strip clubs were doing. He just stuck to what worked for him for 30 + years . He never had a damn bad word to day about anyone, and he never let shit get to him. I loved going by and listening to the shit he went through in the 70's with the business. And how he survived it all. Joe had a heart attack last year. He was in his 50's. Well enough tribute for now, next I'm writing about girls I knew who passed, and then some stories of people who "lost it" in the industry.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Just having fun

Well damn I heard a lot of people whining about a post I did on some guy's shit. Talking I had an "anger" problem. Damn I just thought I had an "aware of reality" problem. The Kevin guy's site was so damn white bread I just hadta stir things up for the hell of it. He seems like a nice guy. Would make a great customer. Anyway I get called Tony SoPORNO around here nowdays becuase I'm one of the last guys who worked in the club industry when "the boys" ( the names always ending in a vowel crew) still ruled. So we got unrealistic mindless shows like "Friends" ( mindless laughter about shit that just isn't funny) and we have real drama about how fucked up people are , people who are all both good and bad , called Sopranos. I was called "the Godfather" "Pacino" "Tony Montana"etc. over the years and nowdays the Soprano shit. I had to remind an old enemy of mine the other day who talked that "Tony Soprano" shit that he knew me in the business way before Sopranos was on TV. So never call some guy a "wannabe" someone who was there before the guy they say he "wants to be." Makes no logical sense. Maybe James Gandolfini wanted to be me , who knows. But I'm not fat and shit so guess what ? It's all bullshit. The next article will be kind of a tribute to a lot of people in my industry who died violent deaths from guns, suicide, etc. over the years. So stay Tuned...

Monday, June 14, 2004

New batch of idiots ... (or SICK OF IT ALL PART II)or "Wrong side of the Couch!!!

OK read the previous post if you wanna know the rest of the story. Here goes part 2 : I just get tired of these new "mangers" in the adult business. I read this guy's site, and he was so much like the little wide eyed dumbasses they get to babysit the clubs nowdays. I hated every minute of the last "corporate" strip club I managed. Mostly becuase you have an illiterate drug addict amd former meth dealer now calling the shots in a big chain of clubs. Now this guys goes and steals a damn manual from the Dollhouse corporation. Doesn't even have the creativity to fucking re print the book. On the front it says "Property of Dollhouse Corporation" and some warning about taking it out of the club. OK so obviously this competitor I worked for didn't give a damn. Because the moron kept it around for reference. So now we had to call the dancers "entertainers". You actually get reprimanded or fired for saying "stripper" or "dancer" . Now tell me this . Are these damn girls dancing nowdays really trying to entertain anything other than their own money and themselves nowdays? No one is fucking trying to train them on anything that pertains to customer service. Just these damn "believe your own hype" bullshit the "manuals" say about how you're a damn "entertainer". These girls are told they demand respect and demand money etc. when they give nothing but a " But I show my pussy , I deserve to be rich" mentality. I watch dancers going up to guys saying " If you don't have any damn money why do you come here!" and whining about how they "gotta make the rent by tomorrow" .Meanwhile after getting the loot from a lovesick puppy dog eyed customer, they end up sitting around drinking hennessy with Kilo G Money the dope man , giving him the customer service. No wonder the song "In Da Club" was so popular. It's all about the dope man coming in and getting all the love. Now the aftermath of this bullshit is we now got customers and tricks and marks and college boys trying to be "managers". These guys are brainwashed by every bullshit philosophy about how these girls are all "just trying to work through college" or they are all "victims" of molestation, drug abuse or just suffer becuase their beauty attracts the wrong type of men.They have never been married to a stripper, maybe dated one or hung out. But not enough experience with the "female praying mantis" mentality of the average adult business female to really understand . These guys actually beleive the girls's 5 year boyfriend and father of their 3 kids is a stalking asshole when he calls the club trying to find their kid's mom. Mom's out high at the club, drug dealer's or dance club after work because her kid's father is "smothering her" (usually called "abuse" ) by wondering why she hasn't come home in 4 days. No matter how unfit some of these women are, there is never a shortage of doe eyed tricks in management positions at the "club" just waiting to sick security on the guy when he pulls up with a carload of unloved kids. Don't get me wrong, I care about a lot of people in the industry , but even a good dancer will tell you she is the exception, not the rule in our industry. People who beleive industry lies are the enablers in our business. For example: If you as a manager encourage women to go home after work, take care of the kids, know the husbands, etc. you create a work ethic for your girls that nowdays is fading away. The great entertainer Dean Martin pretended to be drunk for years in his performances because it created a laugh. Dancers trying to become these drug addicted party sluts because theat's the "norm" in the industry should learn how to really perform. But instead they are caught up in the self-pity and "angst" of being a sex object. I want to puke when I hear all these stupid songs made by sex object women about how damn independent they are or not being held down or "I don't care what people say about me" and Me ME ME center of the universe , me and my belly rings and slutty clothes , but please see my whore ass as a "real" person. "It's so hard to be a little sex object" Blah Blaah . How about being a guy who tries his best at life and gets fucked over because the women of his dreams wants a "thug" with 50 lbs of dope in the trunk? These damn girls make the trick managers feel so sorry for them they get away with totally destroying the industry with their drug addictions and lack of respect for their co workers and liveleyhood. So many guys I see in management are on "The wrong side of the couch" . They need to still be on the couch, buying dances, believing the hype. We have lost our customer base and turned them into staff people. How many of these guys have ever built a club? Done an ad? Payed the bills or dealt with drink inventory or ever done anything but walk around with a clipboard spouting commercial philosophies about "entertainers" and the "sanctity of the dancer" . How many of these guys had to put money out of their own pocket becuase the owner won't promote the club, or he's in jail? Or go to court to stay open? Or have an ATF agent or Organized Crime Task Force agent throw you down on the pavement and padlock the doors? Or have to do any damn thing that has anything to do with actually running a business? These new guys are glorified McDonalds mangers. Can't cook real food. Just pouring out pre made frozen burgers into the fryer and serving crap food to the customer.And they never have a clue about the real service or food industry. Smiling behind a counter or window and spouting a catch phrase is nothing like running a 5 star resturaunt. You have to actually "know " your customers and demand somthing real from your staff. We built the industry up from go go bars and prostitution to a commercial based business your average college age girl could work in and never have to have sex or do anything other than tease and pay attention to guys. Now with the lack of any real redeeming quality in our industry being "pushed" out by stupid philosophies that don't work, the money will be gone soon enough. Well at least these idiots have September 11 or the economy or high gas prices to blame... I mean It was going to hell before then , but no one will admit that the groundwork was there before . Just like the morons who "thought" that the only customers we should worry about are the "upscale" customers. Well tell me this , how much money does the CLUB make off a rich guy? In the average setting, the guy is a VIP , gets in free and usually hands the girl money instead of actually spending money that is that circulated back to the club itself. Maybe we make some service charges, but for the most part the guy eventually buys sex from one of the girls and takes his business outside the club. Now don't get me wrong, we need guys like that to keep our women happy. But the real profit is in the addicts, the guys who come in and fall in love or spend a portion of their check every week. And they bring friends because they fucking live in the club or they buy dances and nerchandise because they are devoted fans. But no , all these geniuses (most of whom are going out of business) decided "fuck the average customer" and "taught" their staff to kiss ass with the select few guys who get it all for free . Who does this help? No one. Because it causes a lazy ass mentality among girls , those "he's my damn customer" fights. And this "I just want to sit on my ass and miss stage call and get money from my customer." These girls are inheritly lazy enough as it is. Meanwhile a guy who actually wants to put money "in house" is left sitting. But of course tell a dancer this and she'll curse you out, because they have no clue how to really make money in the industry. And the sad thing is there would usually be some Aston Kutcher looking manger sitting behind her at the employee meeting backing her up, thinking "that guy hates the dancers and is crazy. " The even sadder thing is the former lawyers, accountants and Denny's managers who now "own" clubs will agree with them . Because the truth is, we now have an industry full of know it alls and "jack of all trades" who think if they use the word "business" in a lot of sentences and quote "The Godfather" ever now and then they actually know the industry. So I say to all you TRICKS - FUCK YOU ALL, GOODNIGHT...
A. GRIECO . man who suffered greatly for his art...

Sick of it ALL...

OK over the last few days I have been holding it all in . Or at least I tried. But over the weekend I finally found the thing that set me off. I was reading some blog written by a "gentlemen's club manager". Now I really gotta say , I can tell from a mile away where this new batch of tricks came from. Let me start from the beginning. I busted my ass since the mid 1980's doing everything in the business from running clubs to booking features to working on porn sets as talent and in production. I also cleaned up clubs, toilets and all. I drove cars for the "gangsters" who used to own our industry. I built light systems, stages, did artwork for ads and created logos. I did tons and tons of accounting , paperwork, fought legal battles , been shot at and threatened a million times. I did thousands of promotions . I lost family and friends, been fucked over by dancers and employees, lost thousands of dollars. Lost my faith in God, Mandkind and every other institution. In hard times I even ran prostitution, somthing I always hated to see going on but nevertheless I had to eat. I watched people I love being eaten alive by drugs, AIDS, killed by bullets . I watched security guys take loads of steroids and lose their health in their mid thirties. I watched women who were beautiful and alive beaten down by their own greed and lack of judgement and accountability. I watched as people lied and backstabbed and stole and become somthing they are not. I watched my friends marriages go to hell. I have seen theesomes , foursomes , gang bangs, total degradation of women and men alike. Open marriages, drug addiction, cheating , child custody battles , zoning battles , and clubs taken by the government for tax evasion. Friends who worked in the industry going to prison for their inability to cope after the club life is gone. DJ's and mangers robbing and killing people , robbing banks, finding God and losing him. I have seen a million dancers drive shitty cars or have no car while making over 1000 bucks a week. I have seen customers lose their careers , life, family and everything over obsession with a dancer. Swingers, hookers, drug dealers, strippers , dancers porn stars , owners , attorneys, cops, gansters, middle men who lie and pretend to be owners . I have seen them all fall down , get up , get out of jail and I've been the guy to drive them home pick them up and so on. Talk after talk. Always being there but being shot down and hated for no reason. SO AFTER ALL THIS , I GOTTA GET SICK OF THESE DAMN NEW PEOPLE. I'll tell the rest of the story in another post...

Sunday, June 13, 2004

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O.K. the latino girls look great when they're young but how do these asses look in 10 years? Just wondering... Posted by Hello

Another Thought

OK I'm sure a lot of folks will not like this : I was thinking the other day. Some of the most ignorant people I ever met in my life are musicans. I mean not all, but some mucicians think they are so damn "enlightned" from the rest of the world they are really stuck in a stagnant mindset. I used to play music, and love all kinds of music. But a lot of people are so wrapped up in an unrealistic world of musical expression they put "tags" on every thought and feeling which apply to music. Hard to explain my point. Just go around a hardcore music fan or musician, and see how many of these people are caught up in this unrealistic idealism and philosophy that ignores any other outside influence. We all love and hate in the same breath, music seeks to make these feelings and thoughts simplified. Now don't get me wrong , musicians are artists and give us reason to live, but many are caught up in "hype". Ever hear stupid people say " That guy is so smart he's stupid" . These peole are reffering to overly educated folks that intimidate them and feel their ultra intellegence keeps them from seeing the "simple" things in life. Or that smart people lack "common" sense. Well maybe people are reveling in the simple a little too much nowdays. One thing I can't stand is an ignorant country fan, listening to a song written and performed by a city bred yankee, taking it all too serious. So many songs about " I don't need any money or material things , I don't need a brain, just country knowledge . " meanwhile these folks are driving 60 thousand dollar cars living in mansions. Kind of like the R and B "love " songs stating "girl I don't need no diamond rings or material wealth" then bragging about how many damn planes and mansions and rims and "ice" they have. Maybe what I am saying is so many people let music and television and people they admire do their thinking for them they are all becoming zombies. Just a thought...

Monday, June 07, 2004

What's the world coming to?

OK I am really starting to worry. There are thousands upon thousands of degrading white women / black men sex groups on the internet. This is not just interracial sex (which in normal circumstances doesn't really bother me ) but sites about degrading the woman and their white husbands. What's disturbing is the huge market there is for this stuff. Just look at how many people are in these groups-

Sunday, June 06, 2004

This is some sick crap my friend Steve N. sent me ... maybe someone will get a laugh out of it  Posted by Hello

Now This Is A Fucking Boob Job!!! Chelsea Charms and her experimental "String Implants" that keep growing... Posted by Hello