Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm sick of women saying "Don't Judge Me" on myspace

I've spoke on this before but I had to say somthing else.What is the deal with everyone who has all this "don't judge me" crap on myspace? Most of them are self centered trying to draw attention to themselves.I myself am judged due to my career choices, even for being in a interracial marriage and even for being drug free and watching what I eat. I have been judged for my beleifs and any stand I ever took. We all are. So what's the big deal? I think what a lot of people mean who say "don't judge me" is "don't hold me accoutable for my behavior". People are going to think what they want. Try telling a muslium terrorist "not to judge you" for being a Christian. People are going to think what they want, and being cocky about it isn't going to make them stop. Look at who's screaming "don't judge me". Most of them are girls who are running around begging to be judged. Judged as sex objects, judged as people who live life the way THEY want no matter if it hurts their kids, family or whatever. If you can't handle being looked at as a whore for example, then cover up your fucking fake boobs and dressing to show your body. These types want to be judged, just on their terms. They want to be judged as a hot woman who is secure with her body and her decisions in life.They want to present themselves as a "fun loving sexpot" but don't want people to think of the downside of living only for yourself. Women like this put countless half naked pictures up on myspace then some try to prove there is "more to them" than the sexual image they portray.Why do pretty girls (or girls who think they're hot)have to "prove" they are more than pretty girls? Everyone knows pretty people get more chances in life, even pretty girls get breaks from other females who want to be them.And everyone is more interested in what an attractive person has to say, or their feelings.If you think I'm full of shit just look at how older people are ignored by society, or how much everyone worries about hurting the fat bald white guy's feelings. Look at the celeberty world.People worry more about Brad Pitt getting dumped than say Gilbert Godfrey getting a divorce.The point is if you are hot and feel you have to show another side of yourself you don't get it. People will see another side and depending on what they think they can get out of you. If they think you like them they will care about all your hopes and dreams and disaponintments. If you treat them badly (unless it's a lovestruck idiot) they will feel anger towards you. In some cases an attractive female who treats a man like shit gets away with it because the man makes excuses for her behavior and sees her as a poor victim. So as you can see all this "judging" isn't so bad after all with the people whining about "being judged". Just every now and then someone doesn't find their half naked boob pictures a reason to think this person is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well then it's "don't judge me". Well don't judge everyone else in the world who doesn't kiss your ass or want to screw you as "jealous" or "haters". Just sometimes people don't care what you look like. If you really want people to see you as more then put other things out there other than your sex pics and pictures of you all over different thugs guys or with your wild ass friends. Write about somthing that interests you, take pictures of you helping out at the old folks home or whatever. But if you don't want to do that then take the good judging with the bad judging. Just try to avoid the "trendy" subjects like animal rights or whatever. It seems like all these ddd cup bimbos have to be in fucking PETA nowdays to look like they have more in their head than just air and thoughts of self love. They love "all animals". And the way it looks to sane folks is these type of girls are worried about animals because they want to preserve a higher intellegence than themselves. These people just need to read more or learn more about who they are outside their appearance.Or not. There is no rule that says you have to have more than one dimension to your personality. But don't worry girls, if you're having a hard time with all the "hate" due to your "hotness" then just give it time. That stuff will all be gone when you get old. Then you can "hate" on the 23 year olds. And as far as these people saying "only God can judge me" well I say "practice what you preach". You want to get technical , God tells us to "depart from the very appearance of evil" so you have to use a little judgement skill to figure that one out. Not judging in the biblical sense basically means give the person a chance to show you their heart or look past the "outward man". It means if someone appears to be a certain way you should try to learn their heart or share your beliefs with them, and not assume they are "all bad" by their appearance and looking down on them as less than a creation of God, or a "child of God". But if that person shows you or is not willing to show you anything else, then you have to take them at face value.As far as the Christian Bible saying "only God can judge me" well ever hear of the book in the bible called "judges"? It means only God can judge your HEART. It means only God knows your inner self. Hey want to get biblical? How about this 1Timothy 2:9
In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

But(which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

In other words, God says women should dress modestly (not boobs hanging out)and do "good works" to "adorn themselves"
So if you silly ass women want to quote God and the bible then don't just pick and choose what serves your purpose. Also the bible says not to drive men to lust after you as well. So let's just accept we're all sinners and don't always bring God into the argument when you created your own "judging" situation by ignoring another principal of God of not by not dressing properly and "driving men to lust" after you. That makes about as much sense as being a stripper and praying to God that you'll turn on a married man at work and make a lot of money so you can pay your bills because you spent everything else you made on weed.Now think about that and have a great day...