Monday, April 28, 2008

Once again I was 100 percent right about Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montanna

I explained all this before and time and time again so I'm not going to re hash it here. I explained Disney has a plan. All the girls who work for Disney, Brittney Spears, Christina Augilera, The Olsen Twins, The Cast of High School Musical, Lindsay Lohan, etc. They all end up in some sex scandal or drug scandal. It's all a plan. Just like they started slutting out Britney at 16 .Remember I had wrote about my bartender in the early 90's talking about how her kids only listen to harmless "good girl" music artists like Britney Spears? She was talking about "how bad" Madonna is.Years later they're making out. I predicted the High School Musical scandal early as well.So here it goes. I predicted Hanna Montanna would start slutting out as soon as her brand started getting older.She only has so many years before the little 8-12 year olds quit buying her shit. Then on to the horny guys/future slut market. See because of years of slutting out girls to act 17 or 18 by 12 (it starts at as young as 5 or 6)with this disney shit,By the time they're 12-13 stuff like Hanna Montanna is kiddie shit. They laugh at that stuff. A little girl trying to act 18 is not going to use a 15 year old "good girl" for a role model.It's time to go to "whore school" .
So it started with "bra flashing" and went on to Vanity Fair with a 15 year old rolling aroung naked in a blanket. Hanna Montanna is over.She's going to be mega slut "Miley Cyrus".Her parents were there at the photo shoot. You mean to tell me good ol' Billy Ray Cyrus didn't see what was up? Anyone who thinks this shit is not planned out is a fucking idiot. Billy Ray Cyrus is a fucking loser idiot with one hit. So now he's gotta pimp out his daughter to make a buck.Gee I hope all those 400 "corrupted kids" they took from the poligamy compound aren't going to get any ideas.I mean what kind of country do we live in that they take kids away from their mothers because they have teenage pregnancy, so they can go to homes that have TV shows that glorify smart assed teen sluttery? Oh I forgot , they talked about Jesus in the compound so now we can take these kids to a safe secular sex filled world. Plus some of the kids in the poligamy compound weren't given the opportunity to turn out gay. Thank almighty God they can all enjoy their abortion rights and fuck the hell out of the school drug dealers or the neighborhood gang bangers (many of who are over 18, but hey as long as a guy is a "thug" or "hood" fucking under aged girls is not considered wrong in this ghetto world)Or get laid by their teachers.Like I said before, if they're worried about teens getting pregnant then why not snatch kids out of high school or the ghetto? And if they're worried about people fucking under aged kids then close down the schools. Because the teachers are all getting laid nowadays.
The point is Miley Cyrus is just another low classed girl with an idiot father.He couldn't make it himself. He thinks his shit acting skills or going on some "dancing with the stars" bullshit is going to make him marketable. Enjoy it while it lasts Billy Ray. When she get the drugs going she'll tell you to fuck off too.Then you can shove your " achy breaky" heart up your ass.