Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jena Six News

Remember the "Jena six" story? The story that was changed around to make black kids who beat down a white kid the "victims"? I remembered how I was sitting there and predicting how it would be. First, a SEPERATE incident involving a noose was brought up. The noose had nothing to do with the beaten white kid. That’s a fact in the story. The Jenna Times newspaper, the locals, all admit to this.Basically the whole "noose" issue that had happened at a different time involving a different situation. Someone hung a noose on a tree. They were trying to piss off black people. Later on six black guys beat up a white kid.They are punished. The press and the race pimps jump in to defend them. When I heard the first story, they were talking about what is a "hate crime" agaist whites. That’s the real story. But after talking about the beating , the reporter says "Jena has had racial incidents before, recently a noose had been hung on this tree "I was yelling out (and you can ask my wife) "Oh fucking hell no! They’re going to start talking about that fucking noose and act like the whole beating was over that!!! They’re going to change the story!!!" Sure enough, that’s EXACTLY what happend. The whole story ended up with the black kids BECOMING THE VICTIMS. Ask anyone what the case is about and they have no idea.Because like most of America, THEY WEREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.OK fine don’t pay attention if you don’t want to. But don’t fucking open your mouth with an opinion if you don’t know the story. Everyone just automatically assumes the sitation must be based on "white racism."Ask a person on the street about the Jenna six and you’ll get all kinds of "noose" stories.The noose has nothing to do with the six guys that beat the white kid. It was brought up to change the story. To me this is no different that a mexican writing "fuck white America" in a port-o-john., then a month later a mexican is punched by a white construction worker.Is it blamed on the unknown mexican who wrote on the wall of the outdoor toilet? Is the white guy "innocent" because he was insulted by a mexican who works in the same area as him? Anyway here’s what is happening now:

Questions about Jena case funds

Just weeks after some 20,000 demonstrators protested what they decried as unequal justice aimed at six black teenagers in the Louisiana town of Jena, controversy is growing over the accounting and disbursing of at least $500,000 donated to pay for the teenagers’ legal defense.

Parents of the "Jena 6″ teenagers have refused to publicly account for how they are spending a large portion of the cash, estimated at up to $250,000, that resides in a bank account they control.

Michael Baisden, a nationally syndicated black radio host who is leading a major fundraising drive on behalf of the Jena 6, has declined to reveal how much he has collected. Attorneys for the first defendant to go to trial, Mychal Bell, say they have yet to receive any money from him.

Meanwhile, photos and videos are circulating across the Internet that raise questions about how the donated funds are being spent. One photo shows Robert Bailey, one of the Jena 6 defendants, smiling and posing with $100 bills stuffed in his mouth. Another shows defendants Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis modeling like rap stars on a red carpet at the Black Entertainment Television Hip Hop music awards in Atlanta last month."

As soon as I upload some pictures of these guys, I’ll post them. You decide.