Saturday, July 31, 2004

More Unusual Days...

Now I just fucking love this ..." TO SAVAGE - 7/30 - Remove CommentHow the hell can you even communicate with Greco? Don't you realize yes he is a great manager but he is also an evil manipulative S.O.B. Who mind controls people. ANd the more intellegent the person and more they think he can't influnice them , the more control he has. The only thing I can see is in it for you is you really are trying to use his abilities to help get rid of Gork.DO you think Gork would accept you guys having any civil relationship ? I don't think Greco started this post war here, but I think he's now trying to take advantage of it." ... Now this is a post from stripclublist .com about me , and the bastard didn't even spell my name right! MIND CONTROL ... STARE AT THE FUCKING SCREEN NOW "@" YOU"RE GETTING SLEEPY... So nice to have real fans . Anyway This is more silly shit I deal with from people here . I was thinking the other day about how many times I've almost been killed. I guess I have an obsession with death sometimes because of either all the people I know who have died, or all the times I've almost been killed or both. I went off a cliff in a car, been shot at many times, been shocked by electricity. Just a week ago my screwdriver slipped on an electrical panel and I hit the bus bar, the big piece of metal that all the circuit breakers plug into. It threw my screwdriver a few feet. My chest hurt for the next day. And I have put breakers into electrical panels without thinking 1000 times. I always wondered if I would rather die in the club business or the electrical business if I had to die on the job. The worst thing about getting killed working for my father in electrical is all the fucking people who wanted me out of the club business would think it's funny I ended up killing myself doing somthing that wasn't my "primary career path" all those years. It would establish to them 1) I must have been a shitty electritian 2) I was no longer a club owner and must be totally untalented at everything because I got whacked at my other job. And I also think about getting killed at the club business. I mean being killed in a sex business is more "Hollywood Gangster" , (but I'd be the bad guy in the story , of course) but who wants to die in a swingclub/sex club/strip club/ etc? That would be "justifed" because of the nature of the business. Kind of like a " well that's what he gets for being up in that "life"."SO I guess I hope I just die of old age and I'm a powerful rich old man who controls the lives of everyone I can't stand nowdays. Now that's some soap opera shit... Anyway I had some interesting visitors last night at the club, readers from here actually. And I thought no one read this but barrie and about three other people... I am shorter in real life you know. Does the internet add 20 lbs? I had on a stupid hat my wife hates , one of those kangol pimp LL Cool J bucket hats . Just for fun. I had to deal with divorcing employees, ex employees visiting with their new husband. A stripper who worked for me about 7 years telling this imagined stoy that I tried to shoot her in my office... I tell you, these people do drugs, have a bad dream and fucking think I did all this shit I didn't do. Speaking of stupid dreams, I dreamed this wrestler guy was sneaking around my house. And he left a fucking hairpiece in my shower. Like a really bad toupee'. I'm not a huge wrestling fan but it was that William Reagal guy.The guy who wear suits all the time, prissy English guy. Then I dreamed I saw a car drive off a bridge far away from me, then fly up in the air and spinning around. It was like high up where airplanes are. Then it fell and landed perfectly on it's wheels and stopped on the interstate beside me andmy car. It was some Shaggy on Scooby Doo looking guy with a dog and some hispanic guy with a lot of tattoos. I remember seeing the car fly off the bridge and thought" damn that guy is fucking dead". But thay pulled by me and said "Shit man did you see that? " Then I dreamed about being stuck in a hotel full of vampires, and no one with me would beleive me so I was stealing garlic from the kitchen and going to all my friends seperate rooms smearing it on them in their sleep so vampires wouldn't get them. I also kept getting the free Gideon Bibles out and was counting ammo, wondering if my guns would have any effect on the vampires. I was also think " damn why did I switch from wearing a cross to a St. Christopher medal? Damn this shit has no power, I need to go to the mall and buy a cross! I have very vivid dreams. Well anyone want to explain their "meaning" give it a try. Meanwhile I need to get another "No Sleep Day" started. See what happens when I finally DO get some sleep?

Friday, July 30, 2004

Like Everybody Else...I Want To Be Rich...3

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Like Everybody Else...I Want To Be Rich...2

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Like Everybody Else...I Want To Be Rich...

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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Big Waste of Time 4

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Big Waste of Time 3

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Big Waste of Time 2

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Big Waste of Time

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Piercing and Your Vagina Part 2

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Piercing and Your Vagina Part 1

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Choose Not To Fuck Up Again Part 6

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Choose Not To Fuck Up Again Part 5

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Choose Not To Fuck Up Again Part 4

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Choose Not To Fuck Up Again Part 3

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Choose Not To Fuck Up Again Part 2

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Choose Not To Fuck Up Again Part 1

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Monday, July 26, 2004

OK, I'm gonna link this here , and see what's up , report later on...

I am bored. So I'm gonna watch this new reality show called"Growing Up Gotti" on A&E . Just more shit making fun of and stereotyping Italians more than likley. I'll have the review later...

Vote ... I got two logos for a long time and I wanted to choose the "best" of the two. Since no oneis giving me any subject matter today... well at least vote for somthing... Posted by Hello

Blame who?

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You gotta remember this ... 2

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You gotta remember this...1

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

GFIC ... Written by a guy with a big nose...

GFIC Posted by Hello

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Time to move on...

OK gotta get this shit about the old club over with. It's ruining my site because I got six posts in a row about it and anyone not involved in the local shit won't get it. So time to get back to my other commentary and stories and all that. I'm exhausted today, and as you can tell I'm not bitching on any particular issue yet so I must be tired. So here's my next thing...
I will take on any contraversial subjet you guys post about here. Just write me a comment about an argument you have and I'll pick one and go with it.This is today's mission...
Anyway click on the title here and go to my link I posted for the hell of it. This is a very nice lady and she runs a nice informational site...

part 5

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part 4

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part 3

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part 2

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The Proposition part 1

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End Of the Platinum Gork Vs. Grieco Vs. Joe Savage War?

After a few more months of "the battle of Club Platinum" crap, after 1 divorce, my son in the hospital, another death in my family, I'm fucking tired of all this shit. I'm remarried now, doing great and my son is healthy. I left February 28, 2000. It's 2004 now. Fuck this. Go to stripclub list .com and read the stupid shit posted for club Platinum in Nashville. I refused to ever post shit there , my old employees told me about the drama so I decided to take up for myself here. No good- they fucking called my house crying and screaming bullshit after making an honest effort to ruin my career more than once and failing . When I left the club, I went elsewhere. Then a guy from Platinum showed up in the club talking trash. I opened an afterhours and helped with Menages club in the same building. There they were, across the street talking shit. I went to Platinum and spoke to Gork, and he took it as an "apology" which it wasn't. It was more of a " I'm doing fine and I have come to terms with the fact this petty shit isn't over yet but I tried."  I owe no apologies as I was the one slighted. But now they get local entertainer and musician "Joe Savage" involved , calling my a "needledick wanna be wop". Well Joe , I think you could find a HELL of a lot of dancers in the industry that can dispute the dick claim. And I'm sure there is plenty of videotaped evidence otherwise as well. Anyway fuck it.I am giving it one last shot- I will make peace with Club Platinum and even support the shows and publicly end the feud. Here is my proposal . 1) I will visit the club, shake Joe's and Gork's hand on the main stage, ( the same way I did when we hired Gork at the stables in 99)give a speech supporting Joe , the club and have a drink of sparkling wine with them on the main stage. 2) What I ask for is a promtional flyer be made to announce the end of the feud, and Joe must produce the biggest strip club show ever done in Nashville, I mean a real full blown production. Then If I see an honest effort made to really return the club to what I killed myself for all those years, I will be behind them. Also I will be allowed to bring some of my crew with me, and not be harassed by any staff members. That's the only way it will end, and I will attempt to call down any loyalist to me who's bashing the club and let them go on. BUT THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN... The only real way to get the club going again is create somthing and they probably won't do this shit , especially have a blowout for the "end of the feud" . If they had sense they'd capitalise on the love for me and how I used to do it . I mean I was told shows and feature stuff was bullshit so now they are doing it again 4 years later? I'm sure no one will ever take this offer but you never know...

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Never Enough Time...

I haven't had a lot of time to write today... But check out my comments on the last audio post and you'll see a lot of shit I wrote about gays that may explain somthing ... Sometimes I write more shit on a comment than I write in a post. Why? Because I like to answer people's questions...I try to have an answer for everything if time permits...

My Wife's Contribution to "Boob Week" Posted by Hello

Part 4

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Part 3

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Part 2

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Today's Bitch Session Part 1

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

More Sad Stories part 2

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More Sad Stories part 1

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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's Silicone appreciation week here at the GFIC... Posted by Hello

GFIC...Making the world a better place... Posted by Hello

Fix the damn dog...

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The Truth About Cats And Dogs...

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Share the blame

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Gays VS. Guns

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I still Hate Micheal Moore...

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I hate Micheal Moore II

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Monday, July 19, 2004

I Hate Micheal Moore Intro...

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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Return on Your Investment...

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Things You Love...Things You Hate...

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I'm Still Fucking Around With This Thing...

I'm constantly trying to do 1000 different things all while trying to

experiment with this Blog thing. If I hadn't of started doing the audio

blogs, I'd probably never had time to post anything for the last few

days. Now You guys can understand why I write the way I do, I think

1000 miles per hour and can't write the way I think. I have hundreds of

things going through my head all at once. I think thought I need to

start writing more and maybe I'm going to post some more pictures. I

sometimes wonder about some of these blogs I see with people taking

pictures of a rock or a cat taking a shit or whatever and having some

weird "I'm an artist in despair " kind of overture. But to the

modern "art fag" crowd they have this attitude that " If you can 't

understand this meaningless crap you are not on the level of

intellegence and enlightnment we are". But now I really understand

where this kind of shit comes from. From the bored or those who put no

stock in figuring out the environment around them who search for

meaning in bullshit. The worlds of these types remind me of the abused

teenge boy in "American Beauty" that makes a big deal over the beauty

of a paper bag blowing around. Yes I see the beauty of things blowing

free too, like the tree limbs blowing down destroying the power lines.

Or how about the beauty of a drug dealer's pit bull getting loose and

chasing a screaming child down the street? Come on people, just becuase

you may not have any real talent doesn't mean you have to invent some

imaginary shit world where you're" misunderstood".Again all this shit

is just an aftermath of the "positve reinforcement hippie bullshit"

that we've had forced upon us. Just like the crap about sports. Kids

who play sports must be told all about "sportsmanship" blah blah.

Bullshit. Kids are smarter than this and know the world wants winners.

If a kid sucks at sports then let him do somthing else. Fuck it . There

are too many people being told trying somthing is enough. Now they

really don't even try anymore, they pretend to be trying becuase that

constitutes "success" . Most atheletes or hardcore sports fans I know

are fucking idiots anyway. Who cares? This mantality is why people who

talk a good game instead of people who are talented are getting ahead .

It's all about being a salesman more than a realisticly honest person

about the situation. It's all politics. I am an artist. I love art. But

there are certain art mediums I either suck at or not into. That

doesn't mean I invent some bullshit form of that art and say I'm good.

I never claimed to be a great writer. That Kevin guy on the TJ's blog

writes some lame stories sometimes but these teenagers say he's a great

writer. I don't see it myself. Maybe he does a great outline and his

grammar and sentence structure is great. But I really don't see

any real emotional investment in the shit. He says what he should say

or most folks would say in a bad situation. But we all know we have

dark and light thoughts in the same instance. So he will always

be a guy who facinates young kids who haven't been to a strip club and

find these stories interesting. I write about my opinions of life

and the adult industry experiences that are part of what has shaped my

views. Kevin is more like" This happened at the club and I was

like Golly Gee" and then it's " Hey I played golf today ." But people

seem to love things without any emotional investment. These things I

write and say on audio are real emotional feelings , not just a daily

story . I guess it's all what you want to experience. I just think

there's so many things going on out there that you never really see the

real story behind. I wanted to paint a picture of what "strip club

mangers" are really like. Not the "nice guys" Kevin portrays ( I

pointed out he is not really a true example of someone who been there)

or the dirtbags they portray on movies. More like soldiers.

Soldiers are basically killers for their cause, and do things that

cause them to lose some of the moral footing we all enjoy for the sake

of protecting others. Like having to take a life, even maybe taking an

innocent life by accident . Many folks can judge a soldier because they

aren't in the position. But yet these same guys are heroes to

folks as well. But if you open it all up , these people are neither in

the "dark" or "light" zone of life. They are somewhere in between.

Which is where lots of us are. Many men have cheated on the wife, yet

in the same sense would die for thier wife. Many women have used men

but find that one man they love differently . Some folks have lied,

cheated or stole things but yet they love their children. Many of us

have made mistakes. I have worked in an industry that many say degrades

women. I went out of my way to always make the best of the people I was

exposed to. I said to hell with the theory of the "drug addicted "

stripper images and tried to make everyone do the best with themselves

when they were under my authority. Many times I lost but I still fought

against the soul eating world I was in. This is what I'm talking about.

I see a paper bag blowing around I'm not thinking about the "beauty and

freedom" of a paper bag. I'm thinking of overpriced convenience stores

and someone leaving their credit card reciept in the bag . Then the

wrong person picks up the bag and commits credit card fraud. Or how

someone got a 100 dollar littering ticket for throwing out the bag. Or

a junkie used the bag to hide a syringe full of heroin from the

rain. But I'm not being negative. I'm also thinking about how

it's great the guy isn't doing dope, the sidewalks are being kept clean

and there are new security measures for credit card companies because

of fraud. So who's the real artist? The guy who says " Oh it's so

beatiful " or the guy who can come up with how and why it's ugly and

beautiful at the same time?

Friday, July 16, 2004

One Small Step For Ghettokind.

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A Common Foe

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