Thursday, January 26, 2006

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More stupid fuckers...

OK now today my wife reads strip club list and yet again my name gets brought up. Fuck em. Talk about my eyebrows, calling me a "guy on steroids who carries a lot of guns around" etc. in other words a lot of crap. Now I'm pretty sure two extremely fat unhappy guys are writing this shit. One in particular who threatens to "kill me" all the time yet he's a fat bitch who goes around lying about pussy he never got. Go ahead fat boy, I hope you're reading this. Why don't you do your usual bitch shit and threaten to "sue" me ? Yeah fat ass , you can threaten to kill someone for three years but let someone call you on your lies and you throw a tauntrum like the fat little baby you are. Why don't you pull that raggedy ass gun you bought off a state trooper who ripped it off in a traffic stop? I guess you think you and your stolen gun are gonna do somthing. Well fat ass either come after me or SHUT THE FUCK UP. Keep lying about the "company" you own too. I've had better men than you ( not that I'd EVER consider you a man) come after me. Here I am , I take care of my family , work hard and people like you gossip and bitch and whine until someone as ignorant as you comes around who has the power to cause me a problem. Then when I fight back you cry. I WORKED for all my positions and interests I ever had in these fucking clubs. I didn't just walk the fuck into it. Then guys like you come around and do some handyman bullshit and tell everyone you "own" the fucking club. I know your type. If I ever fought you man to (LOL) "man" , you'd go screaming to the cops and press assault charges. You talk a big "tough guy" line then you threaten lawsuits and when I'm not around you threaten to kill me. You insult all the women around you and act repulsive and wonder why you get rejected. You CLAIM to have fucked one of my exes, you BRAG and BRAG about it , then when her man finds out about your shit talking , you say I'm the one who said it. Yet I know YOU'RE LYING about it, and would never even think claiming you fucked any woman I had would even be a remotely feasable lie. Why the hell would I tell anyone any women I'd been with would touch your fat greasy ass? YOU however lie about screwing a LOT of you "friends" or "former friends" women. Man you're a REALLY HONORABLE GUY. Bragging about fucking you buddies wife/girlfriends etc. Then when someone else figures you out , a guy I've known 13 years tells me the same tired old story about you and I say "yeah he's said that kind of shit about me too" WHICH I HAVE THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO SAY - BECAUSE YOU SAID IT IN FRONT OF ME _ you act like "I" told him the whole scenario. You're an idiot. Take me to court. What's your case? I corrected you because you were claiming to have fucked my girlfriend in front of my best friend? I HAVE THE LAWSUIT BUDDY. Good thing for you I'm not that type of man who threatens to "sue" like a bitch. You made derogatory comments to 3 of my employers , insulted my wife by claiming that you would offer her money for sex to prove she's fuck you for money (WHICH SHE DID NOT DO OF COURSE) and threatened my life on numerous occasions. You got caught taking a bottle of prescription drugs to a woman claiming you'd "get laid" - GO TELL THAT SOB STORY TO A JUDGE ASSHOLE."Your honor, I uh this guy got mad at me for lying about fucking his girl, then he told a guy I was not a nice person for trying to hook his girlfriend up with prescription drugs." FUCK YOU FAT BOY. Stay the FUCK AWAY FROM MY WIFE AND MY FAMILY .
Think about that...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I told you guys Kanye West is a piece of shit... now he's parading as "Christ" ... wonder if a white person mocked budda or Allah how long it would take to take them down??? Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 20, 2006

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Ray Nagin, another racist piece of shit. Heard his speech yet? My favorite line is this one"We ask black people: it's time. It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild a New Orleans, the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans. And I don't care what people are saying Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be chocolate at the end of the day." well what if a WHITE polititian said
"we as white people , it's time.It's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild a (insert your city name here), the one that should be a vanilla (insert your city name here). And I don't care what people are saying Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be vanilla white at the end of the day."
They would be called the next hitler , a racist ,a white supremist, whatever other crap they could throw at us. I'm so fucking sick of black hate speech and racial inequality in the workplaces of America, where supervisor jobs are given to people not based on qualifications but the color (dark color) of their skin and nowdays the ability to fuck one's own sex is also now a precedent for "moving up". When any gay or black person speaks, their views and opinions are always justified , never suspect to "personal gain" issues , but when a white man speaks there must be "an agenda" or "money" involved. Yet don't think for one minute Jessie Jackson isn't getting fucking paid. Now the new people for blacks to hate on is the Mexicans. I hear more and more blacks talking shit about Mexicans in a hate filled jealous tone. Why? Mostly because they're afraid Mexicans will take "they benefits" . I heard at least six black welfare queens around my neighborhood bitching about losing their welfare and health care and food stamps because "mexicans was gonna rob the system." See all these black folks on "goverment assistance" feel this shit belongs to them. I've seen them even hating on a white girl with a food stamp card .(they're called EBT cards here) The fat black cashier and the fat black woman in front of me were talking shit as the slutty looking skinny white girl twisted her ass out the door .( trying to stick her ass out like she had one)The black women were roling their eyes and saying "yeah she don't even need that money, she probably got parents at home" the other lady said "yeah dat's the type always trying to take somebody black man at home ,da type them brothers always giving babies to." This fat black bitch had like 500 bucks worth of cookies, ribs , pork , junk food , root beer, hot dogs and potato chips and every processd junk food on the planet, all bought on the government's money. Meanwhile I'm buying 80 bucks worth of chicken , fish, vegtables and other healthy foods. I have more real food than she does. This leads to another argument I get sick of . "PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN POVERTY CANNOT EAT AS HEALTHY AS RICH PEOPLE." or " EATING HEALTHY IS TOO EXPENSIVE FOR BLACK PEOPLE" BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1) most so called "poverty level blacks" WON'T EAT HEALTHY. BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE NOT TO. The average black welfare family where I live gets 500 or more bucks worth of food stamps plus 200 dollars cash on the card called "families first" program. Now here in my state I have to pay almost 10 percent tax on groceries!!! Yet there's no tax on food stamps of course. But I eat fruits and vegatbles and clean meats. Canned vegtables average 50 cents to 80 cents a can. Yes of course you can't eat so called "healthy" if you're talking about higher priced "low fat cookies" or "diet potato chips" or "low carb white bread" FUCKING GIMMICK FOOD IS NOT HEALTH FOOD!!!If these morons would stick with the basic foods and learn to eat basic foods instead of processed bread based crackers cookies and junk, they would be able to eat MUCH CHEAPER. True healthy eating is cheaper than eating crap. Yet whenever the rate of black heart disease goes up, some ignorant liberal blames it on "education" or "poverty". And that's another thing. I'm sick of everyone saying " the answer to this problem and that problem is EDUCATION" BULLSHIT!!! These fucking kids nowdays DON'T WANT TO BE EDUCATED because all their heroes are rappers and sport stars and drug dealers who brag about getting rich without an education. These kids think selling drugs to "finance an album" or backstabbing someone on a reality show or stealing and lying is the real WINNER'S way to do shit. What does it mean when a sports hero, who is just doing his community service for his recent DUI comes on TV and says " kids stay in school and don't take drugs" yet kids know this guy is just riding off a jail sentence or fine. Do we think kids are that stupid? The schools don't work because THE KIDS DON'T WANT TO LEARN. And if say a BLACK CHILD wants to learn he's called a "SELLOUT" or he's "ACTING WHITE" or even an "UNCLE TOM" . I mean what can we expect? LOOK AT THE FUCKING DEMOCRAT LIBERALS DRAWING CARTOONS OF CONDI RICE PORTRAYED AS A MONKEY? OR BLACK LIBERALS CALLING COLLEN POWELL A "HOUSE NIGGER"? And we expect black kids to see being educated as a good thing? THE REASON OUT SCHOOLS ARE FAILING IS GHETTO CULTURE. It's not "hip hop" or "ghetto" or "thug" or "black" enough so they don't want it. Just look at the music" I need a soldier" (reffering to thugged out men as "soldiers" who get them pregnant ) or what about black eyed peas "my humps" ,
"I drive these brothers crazy,
I do it on the daily,
They treat me really nicely,
They buy me all these ice-ys.
Dolce & Gabbana,
Fendi and NaDonna
Karan they be sharin’
All their money got me wearin fly , whether I ain’t askin,
They say they love my ass ‘n,
Seven Jeans, True Religion,
I say no, but they keep givin’
So I keep on takin’
And no I ain’t takin’
We can keep on datin’
Now keep on demonstrating. "

Yeah now there's some modern values for the kids - drive a black man crazy ( the singer is a white woman) and get as much material stuff as you can from them by using your sexuality (where's the education used there?)
or how about this line-

"I met a girl down at the disco.
She said hey, hey, hey yea let’s go
I could be your baby, you can be my honey
Lets spend time not money.
and mix your milk wit my cocoa puff,
Milky, milky cocoa,
Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky, milky riiiiiiight "

OK the singer of this line is a black male, talking to a white female about mixing "her milk wit his cocoa puff"
This of course is a call out for interracial sex because of course the almighty BLACK MALE is the most desirable.
So what's my point? I heard six year old girls playing barbies singing this song. The girls are gettingt he message to fuck black guys for material things , the boys get the message that to be a black man is to be desirable, so the little girls want to be sluts with enough ass to hook a brother, and the boys want to be a brother with a lot of money (of course from drug deals or album sales or both) AND YOU PEOPLE WONDER WHY WHITE KIDS DRESS LIKE GHETTO FOLK. The whole portrayal of blacks as impoverished , uneducated (happily uneducated) thugs and then the portrayal that the girls all want that is why kids of all races attempt to be this stereotype. It's not just the fat white girls anymore folks!!! (if you're white then you get that line) You people think spongebob and snoop dog and all that shit is great and harmless entertainment.Yesterday I was listening to the black radio station morning show ( I want to know what they're thinking, and usually Doug Banks isn't thinking at all) and they spoke of how a black female celeberty was dating a "white dude" . The female on the show said "she couldn't get mad at her because she'd had so much trouble with black men" WHY THE FUCK COULD SHE GET MAD ANYWAY? IT'S NOT LIKE BLACK GUYS AREN'T THROWNING AWAY BLACK WOMEN FOR WHITE GIRLS EVER DAY !!! But of course there was the usual commentary about how the white guy "must have money" etc. Because whenever someone "GOES WHITE" (even white women on white men ) there must be an "EXPLAINATION" Like the woman has been hurt by a black man, or she wants to "come up" (meaning she wants finacial resources that she hasn't found with black males) When I hear how black men have "LOW SELF ESTEEM" I wanna puke. There's this underlying thing that balck men are superior lovers who are so much better at pleasing women and getting into their hearts and head that every time a woman doesn't have a black man there's no way it's legit. It's in the attitude, the average brother here who hits up your girl gives a fuck about a wedding ring etc. They always come across like if your woman isn't with a brother she's "missing somthing" in her life. And they're always around to deliver. Anyway fuck it. I hope someone out here reads this and says" hey that guy is right on the money" . No one seems to have the courage to tell it like it is. Anyone who tries is subjected to the same old tired broken record shit of "racist, hate speech , ignorant , you can't understand the struggle of the black man , etc." bullshit. I'M TELLING YOU TODAY - THIS "STRUGGLE" IS BEING CREATED BY THE IGNORANT GHETTO HIP HOP CULTURAL WAY OF SEEING THINGS. And it's all a big lie. I don't buy it. Now think about that...

Monday, January 16, 2006

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Mother fuckers I am back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back. Where did I go? I left to concentrate on other shit for a while. I'm still pissed off. About lots of shit.I haven't quit paying attention, not for one minute. Every day I have seen things that have made me want to come back here and put it out there. But I decided to let it ride. I took a break, went through thanksgiving and christmas and new years. I saw children's shows and toys that pissed me off. Then there are the liberals like peta and the black racists that are passing off hate speech by accusing anyone who doesn't call them a genius a "racist". Then there's fucking "Kwanzaa" bullshit being forced down the kid's throats at school. Let's start on some of the first issues that have happened since I've been gone and give you the scoop...

1) Harriet Myers
when I left the "blog world" this was a big issue. Conservatives were bitching and whining and the shitbag liberals were loving it. Well guess the fuck what? IT WAS ALL A SCAM...
I just fucking wish I would have explained it here before it played out (I did tell everyone around me at the time what Bush's real stategy was) then it would have been another classic "GRIECO TOLD YOU SO" moment. OK here was the REAL DEAL...
during this time you had a lot of cunt ass republicans who were trying to "ride the fence" in case of election shit so they started dropping loyalty to Bush because of this inherent "gutlessness". SO Bush said "Fuck em'." Harriet Myers was the loyal gimp who helped pick John Roberts. So Bush appointed her, knowing full well she had liberal shit in her closet that would infuriate the conservative talk show hosts and make the republicans bitch about how "weak and stupid Bush is" and how he needed to get a hard ass judge etc. Then Bush dropped the bomb...
Myers dropped out.He nominated Alito, and now all the fuckers who wouldn't have backed Bush on anything at the time had ran their mouths about appointing a ultra conservative had no choice but to rally behind Bush. The whole thing was a Bush scam. George Bush outsmarted everyone again, because a man of conviction is not afraid to be hated.

2)Kanye "dr zaius" West & friends...
Fuck this jungle music creating idiot. I already posted shitloads of anti Kanye shit during the Katrina posts. Why is it that every "allegedly" educated black "so called" man has to constantly rant about how white people are fucking them and to be "intellegent" you have to be all into "black owned businesses" and "black intersts" and have the constant bullshit theme that all black people are "suffering?" FUCK YOU ALL!!! OK here's the first fucking fact. I'm white . I never owned a slave. I've experienced so much negativity from blacks , dealing with the crime and the car jackings and home invasions and drug peddling and outright disrespect for everything in my community . I never did FUCKING SHIT to a black man or woman. I raise a black man's child. I put up with ignorance everywhere I go. Maybe you black folks who talk this shit need to shut the fuck up a minute and listen. YOU WHOLE GOD DAMMED CULTURAL ATTITUDE, FROM GLORIFYING SINGLE MOTHERHOOD AND DENYING THE NEED FOR A FATHER TO PORTRAYING DRUG DEALING AS A NESSESARY AND NORMAL ACCEPTED THING TO DO TO MAKE IT IS DESTROYING OUR SOCIETY AND OUR COUNTRY. I'm the one in the fucking "struggle" you idiots are crying about. The struggle to raise kids and tell them when a piece of shit like 50 cent brags about making it by selling drugs or snoop dog has his own "pimp ride" remote control car (I'm not making this up ,they have snoop dog toys now) that these are not people to model themselves after. Why would a kid need a "pimp car?" . Isn't a pimp a fucking BAD THING? I mean shit I have people all the time ask me "what about your kids" when they found out I work in the adult business , yet they let their kids idolize pimps and drug dealers and dress like them. The best thing of all , my favorite story , is after the actual body counts were taken, they found out just as many white and middle classed people were killed by katrina. Yet Kanye didn't have shit to say about the facts, which by the way, were published in a LIBERAL newspaper , the LA Times. I guess Bush doesn't care about white people now.

3) spongebob squarepants and the other homo pushing agenda toys and crap on "nick" ...
I went to the toy store and there it is- RIPPED PANTS SPONGEBOB- and then SHOWERING SPONGEBOB . What is the point of making a toy that has an ass ripped out of some pants and a blushing cartoon character? Or what about a character in the shower saying " I'm a dirty boy!" Think I'm just reading into it too much? Think about this- what about a naked ken or barbie being sold in a "shower" outfit? What would you think of a ken doll with the ass ripped out of his pants? Maybe they should split the pants on the Beyonce doll.The point is , boys thinking about assless pants and guys in the shower, why can't spongebob just ride a bike or play ball or something other than always centering on nudity and private parts? WATCH THE SHOW. Ever see the episode where spongebob and patrick run away and talk about "not having to shave their legs?" Tell me two so called "male" characters talking about leg shaving isn't some intro into the gay world.Or fuck it , keep telling yourself this shit is just kid's entertainment and wonder why your son is wearing mom's underwear later on. Al this " I knew I was gay when" bullshit comes from the brainwashing many people got as a kid. The bratz dolls (slutz) now have thongs. I saw a little mexican girl about 10 dressed in the SAME FUCKING OUTFIT as a bratz doll on the shelf she was standing next to. And why do these fucking mexican women here dress their girls like street whores at 9 years old? These girls have on makeup and tight shit and low cut shirts and miniskirts. Plus you can smell the perfume on them 100 feet away. Anyway back to the subject at hand. Actually WATCH the kids shows. Every live actor show has to do with the "black guy" being the smart or sensitive best frend of the white girl. The only white male characters that are "good guys" in the shows( usually oriented towards some high school or junior high theme) are either gay or effeminate or have huge character flaws to make up for them being portrayed as "good" characters. I watched 30 seconds of "DEGRASSI JUNIOR HIGH". Here's the set up. Two white boys and one white girl are unloading band equiptment from a van. Suddenly the boy leans down ,kisses the other boy on the mouth and he says " What's that for?" the guy who just kissed him says in his most effeminate voice" For being so darn cute" . YOUR FUCKING TAX DOLLARS PAY FOR THIS SHOW, IT'S ON PUBLIC TELEVISON AND IN MANY SCHOOLS IS REQUIRED VEIWING FOR SOCIOLOGY CLASSES.If there was someone pushing any "christian" doctrine on this show it would have been done for a long time ago. All these fucking shows like "Ed, Ed and Eddy" and one of my hidden agenda favorites "Fairy oddparents" - OK get this . Here are two lines from fairy oddparents that maybe you can explain. The father and son(timmy)are having a discussion about why Timmy can't stay up at night. Timmy says "I want to stay up" dad says " son you think you can't "stay up" now wait until you're my age and your body betrays you in other ways" JUST WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN? He tells him if you think you can't "stay up" It's a joke reffering to dad's inability to "get up" it's a sexual refference but to actually get this you have to HEAR and SEE the actual dialoge and the body language of the characters to understand the innuendo. But here is a more obvious gay reference in "fairy oddparents" - Timmy's teacher is coming to visit for dinner. Mom and dad open the door to let him in. Dad looks the male teacher up and down, and in his head ( his mouth doesn't move and the statement is what he is thinking when he sees the male teacher) "That face, that figure , HE"S GORGEOUS!!!" Now WHAT THE FUCK WAS THE POINT OF THAT LINE IN THE CARTOON? there was no punchline. The script continued on a whole other subject at this point . Why would dad think another man , a humped over , hornrimmed glasses wearing nerd school teacher was "gorgeous?" The father on the show is constantly making stupid innuendos and gay references. I guess it's all in the tradition of making all white male father characters on television effeminate , deeply flawed or gay. Anyway watch this garbage and you'll understand. Then there is the stupid "feisty fat ass black girl" characters like "raven" on disney. These are all shows that have a definite agenda. If it's not promoting gay or hatred of white males it's all about mindless dancing. Watch the little kids shows. Constantly "let's dance" "let's dance" "let's dance" . All the hell they want kids to do is dance around like the same dancing idiots in all the under developed jungle countries. Dancing is primitive and mindless and a sexual ritual. Look at any country that has a lot of dancing. They're fucking poor. Africa, Mexico, most of South America, hell when they quit dancing so much in europe (notice Ireland was the last to give up folk dancing in europe thus the last civilized country) thay finally became civilized. Dancing KEEPS COUNTRIES POOR AND IGNORANT. And the more they can start young giving commands to "dance" to young children and "conform" to the release of mindless dancing the better and easier it is to brainwash them with their other "degrassi" and "sesame street" shit. They teach NOTHING. Anyone can hop around. It takes a mind to learn.
THis is just a primer.
Think about it all , and have a great day...

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