Sunday, April 13, 2008

A myspace blog post I did on wed march 26th BEFORE THE PREGNANT MAN EPISODE ON OPRAH..I must be a prophet.

The other day I’m watching Montel Williams. They have this black woman who wants plastic surgery to look "whiter". And then they have an asian woman who wants elliptical fold surgery to make her eyes "rounder" and a nose job. Now in the audience there are all these teary eyed people. There is talk of "self esteem issues"and the they bring in psychiatrists and "experts".They talk about how wrong these people are for wanting surgery. Then they talk about "why are white people forcing their standard of beauty on the world". Like whites get up and make an effort to force people to "look white". Give me a fucking break. If a white woman got a brazillian butt job would that be blamed on latinos and blacks with big butts? NOW WHAT REALLY KILLS ME IS THIS...The same fucking talk shows regularly applaud TRANSEXUALS getting much more drastic surgery. No tears, except for the "struggle" these people go through "being trapped in the wrong body". The "experts" are all for breast implants and penis removal.And steroids taken by women wanting to become men suddenly become a "cure". When a dyke wants to take testosterone "become a man" how come the "dangers of steroids" are never brought up? How come no one says that the transexual isn’t just suffering from "self esteem problems" ? If a gay man wants a boob job no one talks about the risks. No one acts like they are "afraid to be a real person" or "trying to be someone else" These are the comments you hear when straight people want to "look better’. We have double standards in society based on a set of rules. There is free speech, as long as it blames whites and puts them down for example. It’s OK to generalize whites, blame them as a group. Like even if you’re doing nothing to cause a problem it’s still your fault because as a white person it’s your job to serve everyone else in the world. Ask a black person to do something about black on black violence , for example ,and you’re called a racist. Same thing when it comes to gays.Ever see "Brokeback Mountain"? If that was a straight couple, having sex drunk in a tent , the way it was portrayed in this film, would be called RAPE.And the guy seeking out the other guy and harassing him , well in the straight world that’s called "STALKING". Basically the guy in Brokeback Mountain is a SEXUAL PREDATOR.Back to my original point. If my wife wanted her breast implants removed, and wanted to take testosterone TO BECOME A MAN (simply called "male hormones" when used for gay purposes) she would be applauded by the mainstream hollywood scene. If I , as a man wanted to use those same hormones to "enhance myself physically" all the sudden those same "male hormones" would be called "poison" and I would be an "irresposible person" .It’s OK for a woman to use the "poison" for a sex change. But For me , a guy pushing 40 who’s eaten right and exercised since 15 years old, who lives a "clean" lifestyle, that would be wrong. And keep in mind also every woman over 43 in America is pushed to take estrogen, yet testosterone for men or "TRT" (testosterone replacement therapy) is looked down on. But it’s OK to push fast food, alcohol, smoking, and the like. Hospitals are full of people who use alcohol, tobacco, overweight, or use recreational drugs. Yet where are all the steroid users and straight people with plastic surgery complications? Well I guess it’s just not the "in" thing to do. Think about that and have a great day.