Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's what I think about this election

I haven't said shit because...
1) people have no idea and don't want to have any idea what caused this.
I predicted four years ago that Barak would be here. Read my blogs I've done here and myspace. NOT ONE SO CALLED EXPERT OR POLITICAL PUNDIT THOUGHT THIS. Everyone thought I was nuts. And I have to give credit where credit is due. When I saw liberal women crying for Barak I knew the racist white male hating brainwash had begun. My old buddy "Buffy " who I used to fight with on this blog is now involved in his campaign. You can actually see this ugly bitch all over youtube working the campaign. She was the first person I remember during the Kerry loss that started saying "Barak for president". Meanwhile detached rich idiots like Hannity were seeing him as "irrelivent." Stupid white trash people say "they won't elect no nigger president!" . That changed to "Well somebody will shoot him." Well I say to these idiots, if the muslims haven't got Bush , then wouldn't you think the secret service had their shit together? This guy was under secret service protection from the get go. And anyone who would assasinate Obama would be a fucking idiot. It would then force us into a bunch of "how great he was" and an annoying Obama holiday. Then we'd have to watch a bunch of crying liberals and angry black people talk shit every year about how "racist/bad/fucked up America is. JFK did a lot of shit to screw this country. But because he got killed, he was made out a hero, and all his bad policies were adopted. This is all we need. If Obama is elected, I want to show racist America that just because someone is black, they cannot solve every problem.

2) This deck has been being stacked for years and you cannot argue with these Obama supporters because they are fucking brainwashed and ignorant.
I said this for YEARS. TV has constantly portrayed black men as heroes and every white male character as flawed. The "white businessman" is the most common bad guy since the 70's. If a white guy is good at his job, for example a cop, he's divorced and can't handle a relationship. Watch Will Smith play a cop for example. Then watch ANY white cop movie. Same story. Divorced white guy, bad with relationships, black police chief etc. Then you got years of MTV, BET, music, it's all telling people "Black people are "real" and white people are evil.

3) Racism and white guilt are so deep seeded that you cannot fight this ignorance either.

Racism is the REASON Obama got this far. That and George Soros is mad at the Clintons so he decided on a better puppet. Months ago I heard a statement that said it all. It was made by disgrace to Italians Tony Danza. When he was jumping is his little gay hybrid he says " Let the black guy run the country". This is the REAL mentality. Liberals want to feel good about voting BLACK. Why ? Because the civil rights march liberals are getting old. Liberals from the 60's could always say " I marched with King or protested this in the 60's etc." to explain how much they've done for black people. Now you got kids who are too lazy to get out and do that much. But they can now grow up and say " I voted for Obama." That's how they can feel "not racist" and justify the rest of their self centered liberal life. HOW MANY PEOPLE VOTE FOR OBAMA BECAUSE HE IS BLACK? HOW MANY PEOPLE GIVE HIM A PASS ON THINGS NO WHITE GUY WOULD? You have racists like Jerimiah Wright, who he said was a mentor and father to him until he got caught. If McCain shopped at the same wal mart with David Duke he'd be suspect as a racist. Yet Obama gets a pass.

4) Obama got a pass on Ayers.

When I saw how you have to go to page 100 in google to even learn that Ayers actually killed people and took human life I knew. This guy killed his own girlfriend. But You hardly ever actually HEAR what the man did. He "served on a board". That's all you hear from even the conservative talk pundits. Oh towards the end you start to hear some facts about how close they really are. The conservative press has no idea how and why the average idiot thinks what they do. You have a whole generation watching movies that feature "heroic bank robbers who don't use guns". Then every 60's radical is looked at as people out to "change the world". They don't see the bombs. They think the bombs were "harmless" to people. They see people like Ayers as a "crusader". They see him as a hippie against government corruption. Not a stupid self centered liberal who said things like "There are no innocent white people" and advocated the death of people JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE. Not a guy who killed his own girlfriend with his bomb. There is no truth. If you don't know what Ayers did then SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIM . Hannity is such and idiot, saying "unrepentant terrorist" over and over, like he's programming morons. QUIT INSULTING THE INTELLEGENCE OF CONSERVATIVES. TELL WHAT HE DID IN DETAIL. People who care if he's a terrorist are ALREADY VOTING MCCAIN YOU IDIOT!!! If you want to change minds, tell what he actually did to these God DAMMED stupid people. Maybe a few liberals or independents will see this as "not the way you handle things". Maybe people will see the real relationship and be turned off by Obama's judgement.

5) fuck 80 percent of the conservative media. They're becoming clueless.

They gave away congress by encouraging republicans to stay home. When the liberals saw how they turned on their own, they figured it out. McCain was behind in the primaries. The libs said to themselves" Let's use the liberal media to push the one guy the conservatives shit talked for years." That was McCain. They saw how much power that conservative talk had. They knew the anti McCain shit would propel their guy to the top. This whole election was hijacked by the liberals. And the conservative media doesn't get it.

6) They can take their "stolen elections" shit and shove it up their ass. ACORN has been stealing entire state elections for the democrats the whole time. So if we really investigated the past few elections we'd find out that the only reason they were so close is the dead and homeless and the carrying busses to different polls to vote two and three times shit was going on. OH WAIT A MINUTE< DIDN'T I SAY THAT FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO?

The point is it's now NOT WORTH ARGUING OVER. If you want to talk about the current situation, here's why it's like it is:

1) FDR and the "NEW DEAL", the NIRA and the like started the framework.

2) after WW2 , democrats stopped us from putting a stop to the Soviet's bullshit (starting with the Berlin Blockade, division of Germany, etc.) CAUSING THE COLD WAR. Which years later caused us to have to deal with Osama Bin Laden in Afganistan.

3) JFK caused us to lose Cuba to communism.

3) Carter did the "community reinvestment act", which paved the way for fannie mae and freddie mac. Gave away the panama canal. Turned control of oil prices to OPEC. Got rid of the shaw of Iran, who was our ally. This lead to American hostages being taken by the very people Carter put in control. The very guy who took the hostages runs Iran today. So no he's not our enemy because "we invaded Iraq". He's our enemy because Carter enabled him to come to power. We had to make deals with Saddam Hussein to help us get our hostages back. He used to be an ally. But if Carter would have left Iran alone, no Saddam, no extremists running Iran.

4) Clinton relaxed the regulations on the community reinvestment act, used Janet Reno to force more high risk loans.He also signed NAFTA, which opened the floodgates to mexico. He also tried to stop as much domestic oil drilling as possible, and put a stop to new refineries. Clinton did nothing to stop Bin Laden.He could have.

5) Bush inherited the community reinvestment act. Tried to regulate it in 2005, but was stopped (and called a racist for trying).

So what do we have now? Let's look at Bush's problems. 9/11 would not have happened if it were not for the cold war,(Which Reagan won by the way) ,or if Clinton did his job. Gas prices would have not been under OPEC'S control if not for CARTER. We would have more domestic production if clinton hadn't of voted against it.The mortgage crisis would never have happened if it were not for Carter and Clinton. The immigration problem was started by Clinton. If anything, Bush simply FAILED to turn back YEARS of democratic mistakes. So the real "CHANGE" we need is to change all the failed policies of the past democratic presidents. Democrats push us towards a socialist agenda, then blame all the screw ups on whatever republican has to deal with their shit. And people fall for it every time. Just like all these idiots who think they are going to lose their welfare or social security when a republican is in office. It hasn't happened in 8 years of Bush. And you little whores can still have your abortions too.

YOU CANNOT DENY WHERE BUSH'S PROBLEMS CAME FROM. BUT PEOPLE ARE SO FULL OF HATE THEY SEE THE HISTORY AND THE FACTS AND STILL BLAME EVERYTHING ON BUSH. Simply because it boils down to one thing. It's "cool" to be liberal. And that's all it's about. SO any time a conservative gets in , most of the hate is started by PEOPLE WHO COULD GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. The rich, the spoiled, the hollywood trash. And then they brainwash the rest of society. They cannot admit the mistakes of history that lead us here. and no one cares. No one sees how yesterday can effect today. When you live in a world of zombies like this , there is no hope.

Think about that. And have a great day.