Thursday, June 11, 2009

I haven't been here in a while.

I've been writing all my shit on my myspace blog. I just felt shitty today and decided to come here. Tonight got a call from this guy I know, this guy I kind of grew up with named Alex. He's older than me, but he didn't really do much to get into the club industry other than be born into it. He really is an asshole. He had a family business handed to him. So he calls me out of the blue. He told me he just spent a lot of time on the phone with several people I cannot stand. I guess he's trying to do business in Nashville. All I need is one more shit talking bastard around here. He was throwing in my face how certain people must not like me here. Of course he hasn't spoken to all the people I helped. Oh wait a minute, he has! He spoke to all the folks I helped that backstabbed me. Well I hope he deals with them, and they all end up losing. You take a lot of no talent people like that Jeff Gorick, and Shawn "Dinero" who think they're super talented and watch them all have a shitting contest. I see fuckovers galore, and maybe I can come in and pick up the pieces.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm depressed...kind of.

I have just not been feeling like me as of late. I just want to do better financialy. I hate getting old without being rich. It sucks. Today I watched a old video I filmed when I was 15. I realized something.Before I get ahead of myself let me give you the background.

Now I've written this story on my myspace blog, but I felt a different kind of angle on the story today. I See years ago I was made to go to church camp. Everyone hated me there. Then one year a pretty Italian girl payed me attention. She was attractive, but it wasn't just that. I liked the fact she was interested in ME. We talked. We had things in common.I totally felt like all the pain I had felt , the lack of friends, this could come to an end if I played my cards right. I had to find a way to stand out. To be "special". In charge of something. My dad loved technology. Even when we were broke, he always ended up getting a hold of cool shit. Stuff no one else had in the neighborhood. He used to spend a lot of time in Italy and the Phillipines. He brought back stuff like reel to reel tape recorders and super 8 movie cameras. So when VHS video cameras came out he had one. And I mastered using it. So he actually brought it down to the camp and let me film all the activities. Of course I had to film my "girl" doing her thing. This made me kind of "special". People had to know I was around because I was filming all the activity. I filmed people doing all the boating, archery, gun shooting shit that they did at camp. And the girl thought it was cool. It gave me sort of a "job" at the camp. Well threw a bunch of old stuff out last week. I found the old tape. And I felt something totally different.

I watched everyone else doing shit. But I wasn't really doing anything but watching. And I'm never on the tape. It's like I didn't exist. Now don't get me wrong, I probably wouldn't be doing the stuff anyway because a lot of the people were assholes and didn't want me participating. Well there were times when They'd act like I was welcome, in front of authority figures, adults who wanted to think I was a loser anyway. Some idiot in the "click" would try to act like "hey Tony why didn't you do this or do that?" in front of the right people. So that way the adults could feel I was "excluding myself" and it had nothing to do with the "in crowd" shit. See back then there was no shit about "everyone's a winner" and "everything is fair".All this liberal crap hadn't taken over yet. I found a way to participate on my own. By "archiving" the things going on.

But today I felt something else. I felt left out. I felt like I'm still left out. I looked at the shit and realized I'm not invited to shit. I remembered how my filming was cool until it got looked at as "weird". The "pretty boy" at camp, mr. sports jock etc. started this shit. The jerk off my mother would say "why don't you make friends with him?" about. He had the looks, the talent, all the "charm" shit going on. His family was one of the most popular families at the church. The girl I liked totally decided to quit talking to me and avoid me on the last three days we were there. I figured out my "plans" for "settling" and my "making lemonade out of lemons" all my life never works in the end. And I felt hate and resentment for all the stupid ass kids I grew up with. The ones in the film. The "popular sports playing asshole" who ended up dating the girl I liked a year later. I hated the adults I saw. The "youth director" looked like an asshole. I found myself muttering curse words at the screen when I would see certain people. I remember feeling good that some of the girls got fat since then. Or they had bad lives. I hated all those self centered little shallow jerk off kids.

I figured something else out as well. I watched "Mr. Popular's" expressions. Now years later I am a master at reading people. Anyone who knows me can attest to this. I figured out what happened. There was a time I was sitting next to the girl I liked. Mr. popular already had a girlfriend. But I noticed the looks he gave her. As he was walking down a hill from target practice. This look at my camera that said " What the hell is this little jerk off trying to do?" The looks of disapproval aimed right at the girl. He probably said off the cuff shit to other guys. Like "what's up with Tony and the camera?" just enough to make what I was doing look fucked up. So as the week went by, even though I put down the camera, the damage was done. Something I did to help myself out socially ended up making me look like a freak.

I still went home with a warm feeling. A feeling that I had met someone special. I wrote her a letter, and thanked her for helping me to feel "welcome". Thanks for her friendship. She was the first girl to ever give me a phone number. I still have it memorized to this day. Rather that think I was a good guy and senscere and sensitive and all that shit, She looked at me with "pity" after that. And one day after churchI got invited to "Mr. popular's" house.My mom thought this was great for me.But I knew there had to be a "catch". Then I found out why. He always looked like the "good kid". He was the kid everyone wanted to have, good looking, good at sports, liked by everyone,even the "bad kids" and teachers included.He found a way to dump his girlfriend. She was another "popular" girl at church who had multiple boyfriends.He made it look like she "got around" too much. He played that one off and still no one thought he was being and asshole.

He called the girl I liked while I was at his house. Now all this was after I had brought her up, and even confided in this asshole I really liked her. He was using me to look like he was trying to befriend "pitiful loser" who had "hit on her" at camp. Me being at his house and saying a brief "hello " to the girl made her like this asshole even more. She could care less about me. But her "future man" was such a great guy for trying to make the "loser" fit in. I had to go to church every Sunday and watch those two sit together. I remember how he had about 100 trophies on his wall. And to this guy, she was just another trophy. They had no chemisty, never talked, just walked around looking pretty and smiling together. I had liked her because I thought she was funny, and nice. Not just because she was pretty.

I wanted a pretty girlfriend so bad back then. Just wanted to be able to walk in that door and say "look at me people.I got someone too!" I used to fantasize about meeting a really hot chick and being see out with her. But I didn't just want a "pretty" woman. I wanted a girl who didn't give a shit what anyone thought of me or her. Someone who didn't really need friends because she had me. A girl who had my back and I had hers.I never got my revenge. Yeah I know maybe some of it is a little shallow but fuck it. I wanted to show them I was just as desirable as this asshole was.

Years later an after many many women, I met my wife, who is hot and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks. She is a great mother and she takes care of her man. And I'm almost 40 and still muscular, maybe a little bald , not perfect. But I actually look better than most "pretty boys" I grew up with do now at 40. I tried harder. But damn it was a lot of work. Years of trying, years of being hurt. And even though I'm doing well in one area still want to do better in my overall life. I'm tired of waiting for my "ship" to come in. I just want to be able to give my wife the best. I want to be able to tell her "she doesn't have to work", because I can pay for her car, and all the "extras" that she has to work for. But she likes to work so who knows it she'd even go for it if I could.

I guess the point is, even though it all works out for us at times, sometimes we wish we had "won" more often. I know failing and pain is part of life. But I just wish some of those idiots like Paris Hilton types who have it too easy could trade luck with me. I mean I've had more than enough failure in life to build "character." So maybe I could have it easy for a while while Paris got some "life lessons." I just want to win more often. I put the heart and the work into it. But today that is a losing formula. It's more about luck and bullshit. Think about that and have a great day.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Here's what I think about this election

I haven't said shit because...
1) people have no idea and don't want to have any idea what caused this.
I predicted four years ago that Barak would be here. Read my blogs I've done here and myspace. NOT ONE SO CALLED EXPERT OR POLITICAL PUNDIT THOUGHT THIS. Everyone thought I was nuts. And I have to give credit where credit is due. When I saw liberal women crying for Barak I knew the racist white male hating brainwash had begun. My old buddy "Buffy " who I used to fight with on this blog is now involved in his campaign. You can actually see this ugly bitch all over youtube working the campaign. She was the first person I remember during the Kerry loss that started saying "Barak for president". Meanwhile detached rich idiots like Hannity were seeing him as "irrelivent." Stupid white trash people say "they won't elect no nigger president!" . That changed to "Well somebody will shoot him." Well I say to these idiots, if the muslims haven't got Bush , then wouldn't you think the secret service had their shit together? This guy was under secret service protection from the get go. And anyone who would assasinate Obama would be a fucking idiot. It would then force us into a bunch of "how great he was" and an annoying Obama holiday. Then we'd have to watch a bunch of crying liberals and angry black people talk shit every year about how "racist/bad/fucked up America is. JFK did a lot of shit to screw this country. But because he got killed, he was made out a hero, and all his bad policies were adopted. This is all we need. If Obama is elected, I want to show racist America that just because someone is black, they cannot solve every problem.

2) This deck has been being stacked for years and you cannot argue with these Obama supporters because they are fucking brainwashed and ignorant.
I said this for YEARS. TV has constantly portrayed black men as heroes and every white male character as flawed. The "white businessman" is the most common bad guy since the 70's. If a white guy is good at his job, for example a cop, he's divorced and can't handle a relationship. Watch Will Smith play a cop for example. Then watch ANY white cop movie. Same story. Divorced white guy, bad with relationships, black police chief etc. Then you got years of MTV, BET, music, it's all telling people "Black people are "real" and white people are evil.

3) Racism and white guilt are so deep seeded that you cannot fight this ignorance either.

Racism is the REASON Obama got this far. That and George Soros is mad at the Clintons so he decided on a better puppet. Months ago I heard a statement that said it all. It was made by disgrace to Italians Tony Danza. When he was jumping is his little gay hybrid he says " Let the black guy run the country". This is the REAL mentality. Liberals want to feel good about voting BLACK. Why ? Because the civil rights march liberals are getting old. Liberals from the 60's could always say " I marched with King or protested this in the 60's etc." to explain how much they've done for black people. Now you got kids who are too lazy to get out and do that much. But they can now grow up and say " I voted for Obama." That's how they can feel "not racist" and justify the rest of their self centered liberal life. HOW MANY PEOPLE VOTE FOR OBAMA BECAUSE HE IS BLACK? HOW MANY PEOPLE GIVE HIM A PASS ON THINGS NO WHITE GUY WOULD? You have racists like Jerimiah Wright, who he said was a mentor and father to him until he got caught. If McCain shopped at the same wal mart with David Duke he'd be suspect as a racist. Yet Obama gets a pass.

4) Obama got a pass on Ayers.

When I saw how you have to go to page 100 in google to even learn that Ayers actually killed people and took human life I knew. This guy killed his own girlfriend. But You hardly ever actually HEAR what the man did. He "served on a board". That's all you hear from even the conservative talk pundits. Oh towards the end you start to hear some facts about how close they really are. The conservative press has no idea how and why the average idiot thinks what they do. You have a whole generation watching movies that feature "heroic bank robbers who don't use guns". Then every 60's radical is looked at as people out to "change the world". They don't see the bombs. They think the bombs were "harmless" to people. They see people like Ayers as a "crusader". They see him as a hippie against government corruption. Not a stupid self centered liberal who said things like "There are no innocent white people" and advocated the death of people JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE. Not a guy who killed his own girlfriend with his bomb. There is no truth. If you don't know what Ayers did then SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT HIM . Hannity is such and idiot, saying "unrepentant terrorist" over and over, like he's programming morons. QUIT INSULTING THE INTELLEGENCE OF CONSERVATIVES. TELL WHAT HE DID IN DETAIL. People who care if he's a terrorist are ALREADY VOTING MCCAIN YOU IDIOT!!! If you want to change minds, tell what he actually did to these God DAMMED stupid people. Maybe a few liberals or independents will see this as "not the way you handle things". Maybe people will see the real relationship and be turned off by Obama's judgement.

5) fuck 80 percent of the conservative media. They're becoming clueless.

They gave away congress by encouraging republicans to stay home. When the liberals saw how they turned on their own, they figured it out. McCain was behind in the primaries. The libs said to themselves" Let's use the liberal media to push the one guy the conservatives shit talked for years." That was McCain. They saw how much power that conservative talk had. They knew the anti McCain shit would propel their guy to the top. This whole election was hijacked by the liberals. And the conservative media doesn't get it.

6) They can take their "stolen elections" shit and shove it up their ass. ACORN has been stealing entire state elections for the democrats the whole time. So if we really investigated the past few elections we'd find out that the only reason they were so close is the dead and homeless and the carrying busses to different polls to vote two and three times shit was going on. OH WAIT A MINUTE< DIDN'T I SAY THAT FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO?

The point is it's now NOT WORTH ARGUING OVER. If you want to talk about the current situation, here's why it's like it is:

1) FDR and the "NEW DEAL", the NIRA and the like started the framework.

2) after WW2 , democrats stopped us from putting a stop to the Soviet's bullshit (starting with the Berlin Blockade, division of Germany, etc.) CAUSING THE COLD WAR. Which years later caused us to have to deal with Osama Bin Laden in Afganistan.

3) JFK caused us to lose Cuba to communism.

3) Carter did the "community reinvestment act", which paved the way for fannie mae and freddie mac. Gave away the panama canal. Turned control of oil prices to OPEC. Got rid of the shaw of Iran, who was our ally. This lead to American hostages being taken by the very people Carter put in control. The very guy who took the hostages runs Iran today. So no he's not our enemy because "we invaded Iraq". He's our enemy because Carter enabled him to come to power. We had to make deals with Saddam Hussein to help us get our hostages back. He used to be an ally. But if Carter would have left Iran alone, no Saddam, no extremists running Iran.

4) Clinton relaxed the regulations on the community reinvestment act, used Janet Reno to force more high risk loans.He also signed NAFTA, which opened the floodgates to mexico. He also tried to stop as much domestic oil drilling as possible, and put a stop to new refineries. Clinton did nothing to stop Bin Laden.He could have.

5) Bush inherited the community reinvestment act. Tried to regulate it in 2005, but was stopped (and called a racist for trying).

So what do we have now? Let's look at Bush's problems. 9/11 would not have happened if it were not for the cold war,(Which Reagan won by the way) ,or if Clinton did his job. Gas prices would have not been under OPEC'S control if not for CARTER. We would have more domestic production if clinton hadn't of voted against it.The mortgage crisis would never have happened if it were not for Carter and Clinton. The immigration problem was started by Clinton. If anything, Bush simply FAILED to turn back YEARS of democratic mistakes. So the real "CHANGE" we need is to change all the failed policies of the past democratic presidents. Democrats push us towards a socialist agenda, then blame all the screw ups on whatever republican has to deal with their shit. And people fall for it every time. Just like all these idiots who think they are going to lose their welfare or social security when a republican is in office. It hasn't happened in 8 years of Bush. And you little whores can still have your abortions too.

YOU CANNOT DENY WHERE BUSH'S PROBLEMS CAME FROM. BUT PEOPLE ARE SO FULL OF HATE THEY SEE THE HISTORY AND THE FACTS AND STILL BLAME EVERYTHING ON BUSH. Simply because it boils down to one thing. It's "cool" to be liberal. And that's all it's about. SO any time a conservative gets in , most of the hate is started by PEOPLE WHO COULD GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. The rich, the spoiled, the hollywood trash. And then they brainwash the rest of society. They cannot admit the mistakes of history that lead us here. and no one cares. No one sees how yesterday can effect today. When you live in a world of zombies like this , there is no hope.

Think about that. And have a great day.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Once again I was 100 percent right about Miley Cyrus/Hanna Montanna

I explained all this before and time and time again so I'm not going to re hash it here. I explained Disney has a plan. All the girls who work for Disney, Brittney Spears, Christina Augilera, The Olsen Twins, The Cast of High School Musical, Lindsay Lohan, etc. They all end up in some sex scandal or drug scandal. It's all a plan. Just like they started slutting out Britney at 16 .Remember I had wrote about my bartender in the early 90's talking about how her kids only listen to harmless "good girl" music artists like Britney Spears? She was talking about "how bad" Madonna is.Years later they're making out. I predicted the High School Musical scandal early as well.So here it goes. I predicted Hanna Montanna would start slutting out as soon as her brand started getting older.She only has so many years before the little 8-12 year olds quit buying her shit. Then on to the horny guys/future slut market. See because of years of slutting out girls to act 17 or 18 by 12 (it starts at as young as 5 or 6)with this disney shit,By the time they're 12-13 stuff like Hanna Montanna is kiddie shit. They laugh at that stuff. A little girl trying to act 18 is not going to use a 15 year old "good girl" for a role model.It's time to go to "whore school" .
So it started with "bra flashing" and went on to Vanity Fair with a 15 year old rolling aroung naked in a blanket. Hanna Montanna is over.She's going to be mega slut "Miley Cyrus".Her parents were there at the photo shoot. You mean to tell me good ol' Billy Ray Cyrus didn't see what was up? Anyone who thinks this shit is not planned out is a fucking idiot. Billy Ray Cyrus is a fucking loser idiot with one hit. So now he's gotta pimp out his daughter to make a buck.Gee I hope all those 400 "corrupted kids" they took from the poligamy compound aren't going to get any ideas.I mean what kind of country do we live in that they take kids away from their mothers because they have teenage pregnancy, so they can go to homes that have TV shows that glorify smart assed teen sluttery? Oh I forgot , they talked about Jesus in the compound so now we can take these kids to a safe secular sex filled world. Plus some of the kids in the poligamy compound weren't given the opportunity to turn out gay. Thank almighty God they can all enjoy their abortion rights and fuck the hell out of the school drug dealers or the neighborhood gang bangers (many of who are over 18, but hey as long as a guy is a "thug" or "hood" fucking under aged girls is not considered wrong in this ghetto world)Or get laid by their teachers.Like I said before, if they're worried about teens getting pregnant then why not snatch kids out of high school or the ghetto? And if they're worried about people fucking under aged kids then close down the schools. Because the teachers are all getting laid nowadays.
The point is Miley Cyrus is just another low classed girl with an idiot father.He couldn't make it himself. He thinks his shit acting skills or going on some "dancing with the stars" bullshit is going to make him marketable. Enjoy it while it lasts Billy Ray. When she get the drugs going she'll tell you to fuck off too.Then you can shove your " achy breaky" heart up your ass.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Barak Obama's stereotyping white people once again

Mayhill Fowler has more from Obama's remarks at a San Francisco fundraiser Sunday, and they include an attempt to explain the resentment in small-town Pennsylvania that won't be appreciated by some of the people whose votes Obama's seeking:

You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing's replaced them...And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.

And it's not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

Yeah all us stupid white folks "cling to our guns and religion"

You want to talk about clinging, talk to these people:
The Jena Six
And talk to these people about their issues before you call out white folks
href="" target="_blank">Photobucket

As for ME...I'll cling to this:

Alicia keys:AKA ignorant bitch

Well I've been trying to tell people for years this shit is coming.All the years of teaching black kids hate, all the years the liberals have been enabling black people to focus on how "oppressed" they are is paying off. Being on the "street" I've heard those same old theories for years, about how the government , AKA "rich white people" are plotting to destroy the black people.Republicans are mostly blames for this, because black people are told by the media that "the democrats are your friends." Just listen to any hip hop or rap station, and you'll hear the whole "who we gonna vote for" discussion only ever focuses on the democratic candidates. Also listen to the same station, and they'll call Bill Cosby a fool when he says gangster rap is bad for black people. Yet I'm sure they will be hippocritical and also agree with Alicia Keys as well. Who says this:

NEW YORK — There's another side to Alicia Keys: conspiracy theorist.

The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter tells Blender magazine: "'Gangsta rap' was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. 'Gangsta rap' didn't exist."

Keys, 27, said she's read several Black Panther autobiographies and wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck "to symbolize strength, power and killing 'em dead," according to an interview in the magazine's May issue, on newsstands Tuesday.

Another of her theories: The bicoastal feud between slain rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. was fueled "by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing."

Keys' AK-47 jewelry came as a surprise to her mother, who is quoted as telling Blender: "She wears what? That doesn't sound like Alicia." Keys' publicist, Theola Borden, said Keys was on vacation and unavailable for comment.

Though she's known for her romantic tunes, she told Blender that she wants to write more political songs. If black leaders such as the late Black Panther Huey Newton "had the outlets our musicians have today, it'd be global. I have to figure out a way to do it myself," she said.

The multiplatinum songstress behind the hits "Fallin"' and "No One" most recently had success with her latest CD, "As I Am," which sold millions.

OK Now let's see where this makes no sense. Tupac was a ballet dancer.Tupac just wanted to make money.Here's where he comes from.

Fact 1.
Tupac's mother, Black Panther Afeni Shakur, was arrested in April 1969 for alleged conspiracy to bomb New York City police stations and landmarks. Temporarily out on bail in 1970, she became pregnant with Tupac but was forced to return to jail when several codefendants skipped town. At trial in May 1971, she successfully defended herself; she then gave birth to Tupac in June. "My embryo was in prison," he later chuckled.

Fact 2.
"I was fucking white girls," he recalled years later of his teen years at the Baltimore School for the Arts, a Fame-like performing arts high school. Once, he promised sex to a gay male student named Eskiah if he'd help Tupac land a hard-to-get girl named Kelly. Eskiah made it happen, but Tupac reneged: "After I bust my nut, Eskiah was like, 'When's my turn?…' I told him, 'You must be out of your fuckin' mind.'"

Fact 3.
After moving to Maryland with his mother and younger sister in 1984, Tupac was accepted into the Baltimore School for the Arts, where he majored in drama and studied dance. He began battle rhyming on the side, nicknaming himself MC New York.

Fact 4
He got his start as a backup rapper and dancer for Digital Underground.
His friend Leila Steinberg scored him an audience with MC Shock G in 1989. G remembers that Tupac's audition was "street, it was educated, it was articulate. I was like, 'Damn, this cat's intense!' "

Fact 5
Ayanna Jackson, a 19-year-old girl Tupac had met in a nightclub, told police that he and two of his friends pinned her to a hotel bed and sodomized and raped her in 1993. Tupac vigorously denied it, claiming he hadn't even been in the room. In court in a wheelchair, he was cleared of sodomy and weapons charges but sentenced to one and a half to four and a half years in prison for sexual abuse.

This guy is no leader.

Jena Six News

Remember the "Jena six" story? The story that was changed around to make black kids who beat down a white kid the "victims"? I remembered how I was sitting there and predicting how it would be. First, a SEPERATE incident involving a noose was brought up. The noose had nothing to do with the beaten white kid. That’s a fact in the story. The Jenna Times newspaper, the locals, all admit to this.Basically the whole "noose" issue that had happened at a different time involving a different situation. Someone hung a noose on a tree. They were trying to piss off black people. Later on six black guys beat up a white kid.They are punished. The press and the race pimps jump in to defend them. When I heard the first story, they were talking about what is a "hate crime" agaist whites. That’s the real story. But after talking about the beating , the reporter says "Jena has had racial incidents before, recently a noose had been hung on this tree "I was yelling out (and you can ask my wife) "Oh fucking hell no! They’re going to start talking about that fucking noose and act like the whole beating was over that!!! They’re going to change the story!!!" Sure enough, that’s EXACTLY what happend. The whole story ended up with the black kids BECOMING THE VICTIMS. Ask anyone what the case is about and they have no idea.Because like most of America, THEY WEREN’T PAYING ATTENTION.OK fine don’t pay attention if you don’t want to. But don’t fucking open your mouth with an opinion if you don’t know the story. Everyone just automatically assumes the sitation must be based on "white racism."Ask a person on the street about the Jenna six and you’ll get all kinds of "noose" stories.The noose has nothing to do with the six guys that beat the white kid. It was brought up to change the story. To me this is no different that a mexican writing "fuck white America" in a port-o-john., then a month later a mexican is punched by a white construction worker.Is it blamed on the unknown mexican who wrote on the wall of the outdoor toilet? Is the white guy "innocent" because he was insulted by a mexican who works in the same area as him? Anyway here’s what is happening now:

Questions about Jena case funds

Just weeks after some 20,000 demonstrators protested what they decried as unequal justice aimed at six black teenagers in the Louisiana town of Jena, controversy is growing over the accounting and disbursing of at least $500,000 donated to pay for the teenagers’ legal defense.

Parents of the "Jena 6″ teenagers have refused to publicly account for how they are spending a large portion of the cash, estimated at up to $250,000, that resides in a bank account they control.

Michael Baisden, a nationally syndicated black radio host who is leading a major fundraising drive on behalf of the Jena 6, has declined to reveal how much he has collected. Attorneys for the first defendant to go to trial, Mychal Bell, say they have yet to receive any money from him.

Meanwhile, photos and videos are circulating across the Internet that raise questions about how the donated funds are being spent. One photo shows Robert Bailey, one of the Jena 6 defendants, smiling and posing with $100 bills stuffed in his mouth. Another shows defendants Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis modeling like rap stars on a red carpet at the Black Entertainment Television Hip Hop music awards in Atlanta last month."

As soon as I upload some pictures of these guys, I’ll post them. You decide.

A myspace blog post I did on wed march 26th BEFORE THE PREGNANT MAN EPISODE ON OPRAH..I must be a prophet.

The other day I’m watching Montel Williams. They have this black woman who wants plastic surgery to look "whiter". And then they have an asian woman who wants elliptical fold surgery to make her eyes "rounder" and a nose job. Now in the audience there are all these teary eyed people. There is talk of "self esteem issues"and the they bring in psychiatrists and "experts".They talk about how wrong these people are for wanting surgery. Then they talk about "why are white people forcing their standard of beauty on the world". Like whites get up and make an effort to force people to "look white". Give me a fucking break. If a white woman got a brazillian butt job would that be blamed on latinos and blacks with big butts? NOW WHAT REALLY KILLS ME IS THIS...The same fucking talk shows regularly applaud TRANSEXUALS getting much more drastic surgery. No tears, except for the "struggle" these people go through "being trapped in the wrong body". The "experts" are all for breast implants and penis removal.And steroids taken by women wanting to become men suddenly become a "cure". When a dyke wants to take testosterone "become a man" how come the "dangers of steroids" are never brought up? How come no one says that the transexual isn’t just suffering from "self esteem problems" ? If a gay man wants a boob job no one talks about the risks. No one acts like they are "afraid to be a real person" or "trying to be someone else" These are the comments you hear when straight people want to "look better’. We have double standards in society based on a set of rules. There is free speech, as long as it blames whites and puts them down for example. It’s OK to generalize whites, blame them as a group. Like even if you’re doing nothing to cause a problem it’s still your fault because as a white person it’s your job to serve everyone else in the world. Ask a black person to do something about black on black violence , for example ,and you’re called a racist. Same thing when it comes to gays.Ever see "Brokeback Mountain"? If that was a straight couple, having sex drunk in a tent , the way it was portrayed in this film, would be called RAPE.And the guy seeking out the other guy and harassing him , well in the straight world that’s called "STALKING". Basically the guy in Brokeback Mountain is a SEXUAL PREDATOR.Back to my original point. If my wife wanted her breast implants removed, and wanted to take testosterone TO BECOME A MAN (simply called "male hormones" when used for gay purposes) she would be applauded by the mainstream hollywood scene. If I , as a man wanted to use those same hormones to "enhance myself physically" all the sudden those same "male hormones" would be called "poison" and I would be an "irresposible person" .It’s OK for a woman to use the "poison" for a sex change. But For me , a guy pushing 40 who’s eaten right and exercised since 15 years old, who lives a "clean" lifestyle, that would be wrong. And keep in mind also every woman over 43 in America is pushed to take estrogen, yet testosterone for men or "TRT" (testosterone replacement therapy) is looked down on. But it’s OK to push fast food, alcohol, smoking, and the like. Hospitals are full of people who use alcohol, tobacco, overweight, or use recreational drugs. Yet where are all the steroid users and straight people with plastic surgery complications? Well I guess it’s just not the "in" thing to do. Think about that and have a great day.

Reverend Wright will not effect Barak's campaign (originally published on march 18th on my myspace blog, now once again proven right)

Barak Obama will not be affected by the whole "reverend Wright" issue. He talked his way out of the whole thing today.Funny the people who think he "fucked up" weren’t going to vote for him anyway. I mean the guy said a bunch of white hating, USA hating shit.This sounds no different from all the liberals, the celeberties, and most of the media. Do you think any of these idiots are going to change their beliefs? Most of the black voters will go for anything that runs down whites and continues the whole victim/entitlement attitude. I mean look at how much shit black and hip hop radio hosts say about Bill Cosby when he points out or blames anything on blacks? Most of the "ghetto/urban/hood" culture is assumed and pushed by black radio (they play promos on urban stations that say "the hood" and make references to the sterotypes all black are from the "hood" so It’s their words not mine) And black comedians act like all black people are the same way or have this "ghetto/hood" culture. Just like all fat black women are supposed to talk about how "sexy" they are. So the only problem I see with what Barak Obama said is where he said positive things about whites. I mean I PERSONALLY know a lot of black people as well as ignorant whites who believe the crap Jerimiah Wright says. I have heard a lot of these people say "the government invented aids" and " the government makes black people sell drugs" for fucking years. The issue is a lot of people are sheltered and have no idea what’s going on in the street, so they may be shocked to hear what a lot of black people are thinking. I mean look at the time the black guy says to "kill all whites" or listen to the response to Mr. Wright. Cheers and clapping, and no one seems shocked. The whole difference in liberals and conservatives on this issue is most liberals think we deserve the blacks to hate us and they are the "enlightened ones" who will save us by forcing us to kiss their asses forever. And most of the conservatives realize how bad the world actually is.Think about that and have a great day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Again , either I a psychic or I am authoring this world...

How do I know this stuff? on Sunday, February 11, 2007 on this very blog I posted the "hip hop community's" view on Barak Obama. I said they had a "what will he do for us" mentality.Funny a show on BET said THOSE EXACT WORDS. I know what I'm talking about. I have constantly stated Barak would be where he is today and I have a blog post up on myspace I am going to re run here. Here it is:

I think it's funny how I predicted almost 8 years ago Barak Obama would be running neck and neck with Hillary. I payed attention to the buzz, the culture, the street. On my GFIC blog I posted how the "secret" jungle fever going on within the hearts of 70 percent of America's white women along with the constant brainwashing of a whole generation that the "white run establishment" is the cause of all of the world's problems would add up to this. I have been laughed at by rich idiots and white trash naysayers alike. They constantly say " America would NEVER take a black guy seriously, at least not in this day and age. " I don't hate to say " I TOLD YOU SO."Just like the ignorant wannbe KKK throwbacks used to say " The only kinda white girls who get with black guys are the big fat ones anyway." Well see what we got now boys... And it just kills me when all these so called "pollitical analists" who make thousands writing books and speaking their opinions are now saying " I NEVER thought Barak would do this good...Well I predicted a lot of things in my life and have been BALLS ON ACCURATE... SO let's talk about Hilliary's dillema now... If she wins there will be lot of disgruntled minorities, if she loses and tried to pull it out through the basic trickery she'll be painted as a "racist" (they're already calling Bill Clinton a racist on black radio) You guys really want to see what's going on, back off the conservative talk radio long enough to look at other venues. Want to know what black America's up to? Listen to a black morning show on the radio. Listen to some of the downright racist hatred that is spewed every day on the "urban" stations. Look at how many latinos in the grocery store are sporting food stamp cards. Who are they being farmed out to? NO coincidence the democratic national committee's envelopes look exactly like the same artwork used on the food stamp cards here. People will open it just to see if they have any more "benefits" coming their way.Listen to what kids in high school say, or the 20 somthings, or the college kids. Listen to a white 19 year old tell you how "they don't trust white people" Listen to a 23 year old white girl tell you how "she cannot deal with white men" Ask a 5 year old who George Washington , Christopher Columbus or Benjamin Franklin is. Chances are they won't know. But they'll sure as hell know who MARTIN LUTHER KING is. I was told be 2 children attending the same school, one 6 , one 8 , that Martin Luther King " SAVED THE WHOLE WORLD" and "THE WHITE PEOPLE KILLED HIM".And there's a 12 foot MLK tapestry and an "African History Wall" the moment you walk in my local school. We are in a generation that is being taught HATE nonstop. HATE THE WHITE RACE, HATE CAPITALISM, HATE THE CHRISTIAN RELIGEON. The sad thing is there are so many of you out there who think I'm nuts. If I tried to tell this to a conservative talk show host , like Bill O' Riley, he's think I'm insane and totally dismiss everything I am saying. If I'm crazy then why am I so good at predicting what's going on? The problem is there are so many detached people in society that have no idea that "ghettoism" or "atheism" or all the other garbage is being forced on their kids. When I go into a skating rink, or I watch the countless toddlers on youtube dancing to "crank that solder boy" or whatever I want to puke. Kids dancing to a song that says " Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe" as the first line.Is that reffering to "penetration?" And when the song says"Watch Me Super Soak Dat Hoe" what exactly is going to be doing the "soaking"??? Oh yeah we come from a generation that "JUST LISTENS TO THE BEAT"... this is what everyone says when the stupidity of rap or hip hop lyrics is brought up. Well just goes to show you... Today I watched a reporter ask a group of Obama supporters to "Name an accomplishment of Barak Obama"... well they couldn't come up with anything other than he was elected to the senate, or he was the first black other words these people were totally clueless as to what Barak actually is...Well I guess if he ends up being elected these same idiots can say " I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT BARAK WAS SAYING HE STOOD FOR ....I JUST LISTEN TO THE BEAT...."
think about that ...and have a great day....

Hillary Clinton needs Butt Implants...

Hillary Clinton's people are posting all this crap on their website about some statement David Geffen made. Now if you don't know who David Geffen is, he's a record executive, media guy, makes movies,etc. He used to finance Bill Clinton. Now he's raising millions for Barak Obama.He's also openly gay. I guess Barak is going to help the gay agenda more than Hillary so he's backing him now.The point is , Hillary's strategy is all wrong. I went to her website and they're bitching about somthing Geffen said. They're saying Barak should give back the money he raised.What this bitch doesn't get is most of America doesn't give a damn about what's going on in the "reality" of politics.He could say "fuck Jesus Christ" and it would mean nothing to the morons who vote nowdays. Now if Geffen said somthing about Tupac or said "the N word" or did somthing against "liberal culture"then it would be a big deal. Hillary just doesn't get that no one cares to hear about Barak finacial backers, or hear dirt on who he worked for , or whatever. People giving a damn about what "kind "of person is running for president anymore is over and done with with most of these "new" voters.She's done this many times before, brought up issues of ethics and thought she was really saying somthing that would "make people think". Well sorry Hilliary, that shit went out a long time ago. And why are we in this state of affairs today? Your husband. Bill Clinton helped turn the presidency into a popularity contest.People were conditioned to care less who's getting blown in the oval office, who's lying, who's being dishonest.As long as they are a liberal, it's totally accepted to live how you want because that's what being a liberal is all about anyway. The only time "being gay" is a huge issue for example, is if a republican is gay.The same people who talk about "tolerance" are quick to crucify a gay Republican.A presidetial election has about the same amout of thought put into it as a high school "class president" election. I remember in high school, three people gave speeches to be class president. One was a girl who was pretty but she was actually trying to do somthing academic and get past getting by on her looks.Another was a guy who actually took the shit serious and actually thought he could do somthing for the school.The third guy was a drunk, partying football player. The pretty girl got up to speak and had her big boobs covered, and wore very light makeup . All I heard was the guys saying " what's with that outfit"? and "damn what happened to her?". The smart guy got up and basically got heckled and made fun of. He cut his speech short because of all the harassment.The third guy , the drunk fooball jock gets up and yells out a bunch of shit about how " you all know me as a guy who likes to party, but I'm going to slow down a little bit!!!"And continues to insult certain "uncool" teachers while saying positive stuff about the coaches, and promises shit that everyone knows will never happen.Who do you think won? The drunk jock. I hear nowdays he's a cop.Presidental politics has become just like high school. Everyone can know a guy isn't qualified and they don't care. They'll say stuff like "Oh the president doens't have that much power anyway".Yet the same IGNORANT SHEEP will say that George Bush can control the weather and is listening to their phone calls.The point is , do you think the smart guy or the hot girl would have won the election by pointing out the Jock is an idiot? DO you think anyone would care? Well if the smart guy brought up anything negative about the football guy no one would listen. But if the hot girl wore a low cut tight top and a minskirt and accidentally dropped the mic on her way to the podium...Then she could say stuff about the time the Jock "lost the game" and people would listen. As long as she didn't try to talk about anything that mattered. As long as her insults were about superficial things. Then the jock would have to say " she stuffs her bra" or "she's a cock tease"... These are the things that matter. Too bad Hillary isn't hot. She just might have a chance then. I could hear it now " OK people, I've heard the rumors about black men and let me tell you, I've heard about Barak from some of the ladies, and well, if you compare his package to my husband Bill's , I'd have to say my husband is the "blacker" of the two men... if you don't get that joke read between the parenthses (((OK if you haven't heard Bill Clinton was once dubbed "the first black president", and the joke above is about comparing penis sizes , and how the rumor is all black men have a large penis.I put this explaination here in hopes a liberal, ghettosized person or the ignorant white trash will read and learn ))) Anyway we'll see how it pans out. I heard Hillary fired her campaign manger. She needs to find a plastic surgeon if she really wants to win.. Some blonde hair extensions, DDD boob job, botox, and huge butt implants. Hey the butt job-there's your black male vote right there...think about that and have a great day...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Things I told you before...

Here we are , Barak Obabma won the Iowa caucus with an 8 pont lead over everyone else.All the bitching about how Iowa DOESN"T REPRESENT AMERICA because it's 94 percent white should be shut up now.My point is the same as 8 years ago.Facts about white people.1)Most of them reall, really,WANT TO LIKE BLACK PEOPLE. Most whites will go out of their way to "make it up" to the entire black race for what they supposedly did to them by being born white.They just get turned off by blacks who look like and speak like pimps and have their hand out wanting a constant apology from white America like Al Sharpton. They are tired of so called "black leaders" who are all and only about "black issues" and could care less about the country that is majority white and funded mostly by white tax dollars.It's ok for blacks to say "this country was built on the backs of black slaves" but if a white guy says "what about white tax dollars that basically support this country" you're a racist.2) If you really thought white women would vote for another woman over a black man you're wrong again. Women vote with their vaginas.And about 70 percent of white women in this country have all gone to this idealized "mandingo" fantasy nowdays. Just remember 8 years ago women were shouting "Barak Obama" when all they new about him was he's black and in shape.On another note, Brittney Spears got into another custody fight and ended up in the hospital.Why do I care?Brittney is white trash who came up for a while, and is living her life the way she would have been if idiots never gave her a career. She is not "going down" she's just acheiving her true destiny. Like if you dressed up a bum or a pig in a suit, why wonder how it ended up dirty?Would you say "damn that pig went downhill! Look at all that mud on his new suit!!Think about that and have a great day...

Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm sick of women saying "Don't Judge Me" on myspace

I've spoke on this before but I had to say somthing else.What is the deal with everyone who has all this "don't judge me" crap on myspace? Most of them are self centered trying to draw attention to themselves.I myself am judged due to my career choices, even for being in a interracial marriage and even for being drug free and watching what I eat. I have been judged for my beleifs and any stand I ever took. We all are. So what's the big deal? I think what a lot of people mean who say "don't judge me" is "don't hold me accoutable for my behavior". People are going to think what they want. Try telling a muslium terrorist "not to judge you" for being a Christian. People are going to think what they want, and being cocky about it isn't going to make them stop. Look at who's screaming "don't judge me". Most of them are girls who are running around begging to be judged. Judged as sex objects, judged as people who live life the way THEY want no matter if it hurts their kids, family or whatever. If you can't handle being looked at as a whore for example, then cover up your fucking fake boobs and dressing to show your body. These types want to be judged, just on their terms. They want to be judged as a hot woman who is secure with her body and her decisions in life.They want to present themselves as a "fun loving sexpot" but don't want people to think of the downside of living only for yourself. Women like this put countless half naked pictures up on myspace then some try to prove there is "more to them" than the sexual image they portray.Why do pretty girls (or girls who think they're hot)have to "prove" they are more than pretty girls? Everyone knows pretty people get more chances in life, even pretty girls get breaks from other females who want to be them.And everyone is more interested in what an attractive person has to say, or their feelings.If you think I'm full of shit just look at how older people are ignored by society, or how much everyone worries about hurting the fat bald white guy's feelings. Look at the celeberty world.People worry more about Brad Pitt getting dumped than say Gilbert Godfrey getting a divorce.The point is if you are hot and feel you have to show another side of yourself you don't get it. People will see another side and depending on what they think they can get out of you. If they think you like them they will care about all your hopes and dreams and disaponintments. If you treat them badly (unless it's a lovestruck idiot) they will feel anger towards you. In some cases an attractive female who treats a man like shit gets away with it because the man makes excuses for her behavior and sees her as a poor victim. So as you can see all this "judging" isn't so bad after all with the people whining about "being judged". Just every now and then someone doesn't find their half naked boob pictures a reason to think this person is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well then it's "don't judge me". Well don't judge everyone else in the world who doesn't kiss your ass or want to screw you as "jealous" or "haters". Just sometimes people don't care what you look like. If you really want people to see you as more then put other things out there other than your sex pics and pictures of you all over different thugs guys or with your wild ass friends. Write about somthing that interests you, take pictures of you helping out at the old folks home or whatever. But if you don't want to do that then take the good judging with the bad judging. Just try to avoid the "trendy" subjects like animal rights or whatever. It seems like all these ddd cup bimbos have to be in fucking PETA nowdays to look like they have more in their head than just air and thoughts of self love. They love "all animals". And the way it looks to sane folks is these type of girls are worried about animals because they want to preserve a higher intellegence than themselves. These people just need to read more or learn more about who they are outside their appearance.Or not. There is no rule that says you have to have more than one dimension to your personality. But don't worry girls, if you're having a hard time with all the "hate" due to your "hotness" then just give it time. That stuff will all be gone when you get old. Then you can "hate" on the 23 year olds. And as far as these people saying "only God can judge me" well I say "practice what you preach". You want to get technical , God tells us to "depart from the very appearance of evil" so you have to use a little judgement skill to figure that one out. Not judging in the biblical sense basically means give the person a chance to show you their heart or look past the "outward man". It means if someone appears to be a certain way you should try to learn their heart or share your beliefs with them, and not assume they are "all bad" by their appearance and looking down on them as less than a creation of God, or a "child of God". But if that person shows you or is not willing to show you anything else, then you have to take them at face value.As far as the Christian Bible saying "only God can judge me" well ever hear of the book in the bible called "judges"? It means only God can judge your HEART. It means only God knows your inner self. Hey want to get biblical? How about this 1Timothy 2:9
In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

But(which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

In other words, God says women should dress modestly (not boobs hanging out)and do "good works" to "adorn themselves"
So if you silly ass women want to quote God and the bible then don't just pick and choose what serves your purpose. Also the bible says not to drive men to lust after you as well. So let's just accept we're all sinners and don't always bring God into the argument when you created your own "judging" situation by ignoring another principal of God of not by not dressing properly and "driving men to lust" after you. That makes about as much sense as being a stripper and praying to God that you'll turn on a married man at work and make a lot of money so you can pay your bills because you spent everything else you made on weed.Now think about that and have a great day...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why disney is one of the greatest evils fo our time...

I fucking hate the disney channel, the company, all that they stand for. From their showcases of gay families to mark hetrosexuals as a moderen day leper colony ,to their pre concieved plans to showcase tomorrow's super-sluts I hate this company. They brought us Brittney Spears and Christina Augulera from mickey mouse club.They glamorize gays like Elton John who do their soundtracks and Ellen Degeneres who voice their gay propaganda cartoons.First let me say "I told you so" or at least I can to my family. The newest Disney garbage " High School Musical" has been banned at my house. Due to the fact that the little girls on the show will be tommorow's disney uberwhores. I hit it right as usual. Here we have a scandal involving a high school musical slut and her "accidental" nude pictures. Yeah right. Don't tell me Disney didn't plan that marketing move all along. Most people in America had no clue who "Vanessa Hugens" was until her nude pictures were magically "discovered". Little kids will still idolize the girl, and look at her as a "nude role model". Meanwhile anyone who thinks otherwise is "uncool" and that drives a rift further between this generation and the next. The generation Disney's type of followers hope will accept their future campaign to make gay marriage and the REAL GOAL of leagalizing SEX WITH CHILDREN will be a close reality. Great how "Sir Elton John" who runs down Christianity (like the other DISNEY DYKE Rosie 'O Donell) now has been caught with pictures of naked children he calls "art". Wait and see, all these "great gay role models" are deep down child predators. Wonder if Elton will be doing another soundtrack for another disney cartoon? OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE.Disney hires all these anti-religeon gays who spout off insults at Jesus, they produce some of the biggest trashy whores in the music industry. What good is this company other than to take your money and brainwash your kids? Let's look at an average Disney show, like "That's so Raven "for example. Unfortunately the little tramp has gotten too fat for "sex symbol" status, so now she's got to play the "fiesty know it all overweight black buffoon" role that any overweight black actress (or closet gay ACTOR like Tyler Perry and Eddie Murphy who like to pretend to be fat black women) is stereotyped in.Do like I do . WATCH THE SHOW. And then see what kids get out of it. Put yourself in the position of what would happen if a child in your home did these behaviors etc. The plot of ever "That's So Raven" episode is 1) raven wants to do somthing or have somthing etc. that is "off limits" 2) Raven lies of decieves in one way or another. 3) the circmstances around Raven's lies are "funny" and "comical" 4) finally the lie is found out, BUT WITH NO REAL LIFE CONSEQUENCES.Kids only see the funny part about the adventures in lying and deception. The "punishment" is always somthing maybe a little annoying but portrayed as "funny". But when my kids outright lie to me there is no "laugh track". Then the next show everthing is OK, and Raven lies again. The important "lessons" are all here. 1) parents are stupid but eventually figure out the lie when it is so obvious a retarted goldfish would figure it out. 2) kids are "people too" meaning adults should have to answer to kids in an "equal role", even though they are not experienced at life. This is just a way to diminsh the role of a straight two parent household.Then there are the "single fathers" on TV, the "mythical creatures" that are buffoons and not needed in today's glamorization of "single moms" . Single moms=gay parenting, "Full House" showcases "single dads" but simply for the whole "male gay parent" fantasy. The reason there are 3 men on the show is so it's not obvious what the message is.Nowdays we can probably have two gay dads raising kids on TV. But what a problem that would be. I mean ALL GAY MEN are portrayed as these INTELLEGENT guys who always make the straight guys the butt of the joke.The gay guy always wins on TV. So if you had a show with two gay guys, how would the wize cracks go? I mean would it be like the old Mad Magazeine "Spy VS. Spy" where one time the black spy wins and the other time the white one wins? No they'd probable have a gay friendly neighbor married to a "homophobic" white guy so the women and the two gays could insult him the whole show. Just wait people. When you see the "Hanna Montana Sex Tape" or her appearance in "playboy" don't think it wasn't planned all along.Think about it...
and have a great day.

Saturday, August 04, 2007