Sunday, April 13, 2008

Reverend Wright will not effect Barak's campaign (originally published on march 18th on my myspace blog, now once again proven right)

Barak Obama will not be affected by the whole "reverend Wright" issue. He talked his way out of the whole thing today.Funny the people who think he "fucked up" weren’t going to vote for him anyway. I mean the guy said a bunch of white hating, USA hating shit.This sounds no different from all the liberals, the celeberties, and most of the media. Do you think any of these idiots are going to change their beliefs? Most of the black voters will go for anything that runs down whites and continues the whole victim/entitlement attitude. I mean look at how much shit black and hip hop radio hosts say about Bill Cosby when he points out or blames anything on blacks? Most of the "ghetto/urban/hood" culture is assumed and pushed by black radio (they play promos on urban stations that say "the hood" and make references to the sterotypes all black are from the "hood" so It’s their words not mine) And black comedians act like all black people are the same way or have this "ghetto/hood" culture. Just like all fat black women are supposed to talk about how "sexy" they are. So the only problem I see with what Barak Obama said is where he said positive things about whites. I mean I PERSONALLY know a lot of black people as well as ignorant whites who believe the crap Jerimiah Wright says. I have heard a lot of these people say "the government invented aids" and " the government makes black people sell drugs" for fucking years. The issue is a lot of people are sheltered and have no idea what’s going on in the street, so they may be shocked to hear what a lot of black people are thinking. I mean look at the time the black guy says to "kill all whites" or listen to the response to Mr. Wright. Cheers and clapping, and no one seems shocked. The whole difference in liberals and conservatives on this issue is most liberals think we deserve the blacks to hate us and they are the "enlightened ones" who will save us by forcing us to kiss their asses forever. And most of the conservatives realize how bad the world actually is.Think about that and have a great day.